London System Gone WRONG In 10 Moves! [Every Move Is A TRAP]
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Best Opening To Counter The London System As Black [Complete Guide]

Best Opening To Counter The London System As Black [Complete Guide]

The London System is one of the easiest chess openings to learn for beginners, as White almost plays the same setup against virtually any Black move. That’s why it’s considered a solid opening system.

It occurs after 1.d4, with White developing their dark-squared bishop to f4 and supporting their d4-pawn by playing e3 and c3, forming a strong pyramid of pawns in the center. Black often finds it difficult to break this solid chain of central pawns, leading to a more solid game for White.

That’s why today I’ll share with you a variation to counter the London System that guarantees a victory for Black in just 10 moves in the most common line. In fact, not many players know this opening variation; only 8% play it.

It is the move 2…c5, which aims to undermine White’s central pawn chain. This variation is very tricky and aggressive, causing a lot of discomfort for London System players. It will surely surprise many of your opponents and catch them off guard.

Watch the full video lesson as I walk you through the different variations White might play, how to counter each one, and some clever traps to win quickly as Black against the London System. This serves as a complete opening guide against the London System.

Below, you can find the variations shown in the video:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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