Magnus Carlsen’s immortal chess game (and his birthday)!

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designToday, 30 November 2016, the chess prodigy from Norway, Magnus Carlsen, is celebrating his 26th birthday – the Remote Chess Academy (RCA) wishes this great player a very Happy Birthday! 🙂
Happy Birthday Magnus CarlsenI’ve prepared a very interesting video lesson for you – it’s “Magnus Carlsen’s immortal chess game”! I’ve selected the best game ever played by Carlsen; at least, it has to be one of his best games. It’s a really beautiful and instructive game.


He played this game against Judit Polgar, which is interesting because it was played between, arguably, one of the best male and female chess players of all time. Moreover, it was a blindfold game; they were playing without a chessboard, which makes it even harder to play.

You can watch the video below:

Now let’s look at some of the interesting photos of Magnus Carlsen, because it’s ‘party time’! 🙂
Magnus Carlsen young

Little Magnus gets going. Here he is at nine months… (source: Hun on Chess)

Magnus Carlsen young

and here he is at one and a half years old (source: Hun on Chess)

Magnus Carlsen young chess

Magnus Carlsen vs Håvard Vederhus in 1999 (source: Hun on Chess) 


Magnus Carlsen young chess And he was determined at a very young age! 🙂 (source: Hun on Chess)


Magnus Carlsen young chess Let’s not forget his amazing talent at blindfold chess (source: Hun on Chess) 


Magnus Carlsen World Champion 2013 Chennai He beat Vishy Anand in Chennai and became the World Chess Champion in 2013 …


Magnus Carlsen World Champion 2014 Sochi And he successfully retained his title in 2014, in Sochi


Can he retain his title, on his birthday, against Sergey Karjakin? 🙂 You can watch the tie-break games LIVE here.


P.S. You’re welcome to send your own wishes to Magnus Carlsen in the comments below. 🙂 Also, don’t forget to grab our World Championship Special Offer here.




Comments: 8

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  1. thanks for that vidoe lessons you are great dear igor happy birtday to magnus .!!!please sir made the new course and add a little bit of carlsen chess secrets on it.

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