14-year-old Magnus Carlsen Missed Advantage Against Garry Kasparov!

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Today we’re going to see one of the most interesting chess games ever played –it’s the game between the 14-year-old Magnus Carlsen and one of the greatest chess players of all time, Garry Kasparov. It’s a rapid game played at the Reykjavik Rapid in the year 2004. Carlsen was playing White and Kasparov played the Queen’s Gambit Declined, Cambridge Springs Variation.

The young Carlsen gave quite a tough fight to the veteran, and a critical position arrived at the middlegame. You can see the position below.
Magnus Carlsen vs Garry Kasparov

White to play

Kasparov had just played Nd6, offering an exchange. Well, at this moment there are plenty of exchanges possible and White really has to put a lot of thought before going ahead. Not to forget, it’s a rapid game the 14-year-old is playing against a former world champion – sure, that’s a lot of pressure to handle in a rapid game.

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But the prodigy kept things simple –he played a move that got him a tiny advantage, which is actually a huge advantage in a rapid chess, but later in the game, Carlsen played a couple of passive moves and Kasparov was just able to equalize the position.

You can watch the interesting video analysis of this game by our guest coach IM Valeri Lilov below:


In the same tournament (Reykjavik 2004), Kasparov defeated Carlsen in another game. You can find its interesting analysis here.

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Comments: 2

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