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Some time ago, our Affiliate Program Manager, Aggelos Kesaris, presented to you an article about the RCA Affiliate Program (AP). If you missed it, you can check it here.
aggelosToday, I’d to present to you an article on behalf of Aggelos. It is an interesting and important topic regarding our AP. It is called “Tier Commissions” in the AP.


What is the RCA Affiliate Program?


Through our AP, you can spread the word about your passion, CHESS, with our game-changing chess courses. In these chess courses, I’ve talked about the thinking process during the chess game and lots more.


I’m sure that this is the best way to learn chess, so you are very welcome to share this stuff with your friends.


In addition to that, the AP gives you the opportunity to make money. If you haven’t joined the AP yet, you can do so right now by clicking here.

  • You can join for FREE
  • You can work as much as you like
  • Our AP Manager, Aggelos, can help you and motivate you to achieve great results
  • You can stop at any time you want


You can find all details about our AP here.


But wait, we are not finished yet. I’d like to share with you something new, the Tier System. 🙂


What is a tier system?


A tier system is a type of payroll system in which one group of Affiliates receives some extra commission from the Affiliates they have introduced to RCA.
tier commissionLet me explain it in simple words. Let’s imagine that you are an active RCA Affiliate. You can send me a message and offer me the chance to join the AP. If I join the program, I’ll become your tier. 🙂


What will the bonus commissions be?


All affiliates, normal and tiers, can earn the normal HUGE commissions if they sell any of our products. (Note: you are very welcome to check this detailed article here.)


If I make a sale, I’d like to remind you that I was your tier and I’ll receive my normal Affiliate commission. In addition to that, you will earn the following two items:


  • 10% commission from my sale. Hence, if I sell a product for $100, then you will earn $10.
  • If the tier you introduce to RCA makes his/her first sale, then you can get a FREE RCA chess course of your choice! 🙂

extra bonusIf you are not ready to join the AP yet or if you have any doubt about it, then you are very welcome to post a message to Aggelos. You can contact him by e-mail: [email protected]


I wish you great luck with your Affiliate sales! 🙂

How about going through an interesting chess puzzle before finishing this article? 🙂


Stolberg – Botvinnik

chess puzzle

Black to play


A fixed central position lends a special character to the play on both sides. How would you play here as Black?


After calculating all possible variations, you may check the whole game here.

Comments: 5

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  1. thanks igor for this great advice and article .dear igor which new course are you going to produce next month or coming days??

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