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A few days ago, I’ve informed you (in the article Chess Tactics in the Sicilian Defense) that the RCA’s next chess course is about one of the most popular chess openings, the Sicilian Defense, and that it will be released soon. Today I’m going to share with you all the details about the course, when it will be released, etc.!

Course Name and Author

The course is titled “Master Sicilian Pawn Structures”, and the author of this course is our guest coach IM Mateusz Kolosowski! Below you can find the e-cover of the course:
Master Sicilian Pawn StructuresFor those who don’t know, he is an International Master from Poland. He is a multiple Polish youth championship medallist. In 2010, he got the 5th place in the European U-18 Championship. During the course of his chess career, Mateusz won many international tournaments. Apart from being a player, he is also a chess coach who has experience in working with students from more than 20 countries. So far, he helped a few of them in obtaining their own international titles. Mateusz has also performed live commentary of Polish and European Rapid and Blitz Championships.

Why this Course?

The Sicilian Defense is the most frequently used defense from club players to Grandmasters. In this course, you’ll learn the general guidelines for the pawn structures resulting from the Sicilian. The course is suitable for all levels of players and it breaks down the necessary principles of the Sicilian Defense. By the end of the course, you will have a clear idea of all the Sicilian main lines for both sides (White and Black).

Launch and Offers

1) The course will be released on Wednesday, 26 September. And, most importantly, in honour of the popular Sicilian Defense and to celebrate the launch of the course, we’re providing you with a huge 30% discount on the course – you will save about $24 USD!

However, our e-mail subscribers will get a much higher discount, 35%! 🙂 If you’re already our subscriber and receive our newsletters, congratulations! If not, it’s high-time that you subscribe now. You can do so by filling the simple form below:

2) In addition to mastering the Sicilian Defense against 1.e4, learn the Grunfeld Defense, a sharp and aggressive reply to 1.d4, from our course “Master the Grunfeld Defense as Black” to strengthen your opening repertoire and save $29 USD!

3) After the opening, the middlegame arises. Take advantage, save $31 USD and get my most complete middlegame course “Winning the Middlegame” to guide you on this critical stage of the game!
Master Sicilian Pawn Structures ComboFinally, our Team has prepared a very cool teaser video for the course, and I can’t wait to share it with you. 🙂 You can watch the teaser video below:

P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get a massive 35% discount on the course – just submit your details in the form given above.


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