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In the previous article, I informed you about our upcoming course “Master the Grunfeld defense as Black”. Today I’d like to provide more details about the course and what you can learn from it. So let’s get started!

What is Grunfeld defense?

The Grunfeld defense is one of the most aggressive openings for Black against White’s first move 1.d4. It arises from the moves: 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5


What are YOUR needs?

A strong opening repertoire is a MUST if one wants to cross the 1800-1900 ELO points. A chess player cannot cross this rating without a strong and sound opening repertoire. This course can help you create a solid repertoire easily. If you had checked our previous lessons on why Peter Svidler is the God of Grunfeld and Fischer’s masterpiece, you will know why this is a powerful opening weapon.

How will this course help you?

This is a very aggressive opening, so it gives you the opportunity to play for win with Black. Some lines are complicated, however the similarity between the different lines makes it easier for you to start implementing this new opening system in your games.

Our team has prepared a special teaser video on the course for you. You can watch it below and I hope you will like it.

We’ll release the course soon, but you can already pre-register for the course to get EXTRA special offers earlier than others. Additionally, you’ll get all the video lessons from the “GM’s Openings Lab – 2 Bonus Pack” worth about $25 USD complete FREE! 🙂
opening lab 2 bonus

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Comments: 6

Comments 6

  1. Honorable FGM Smirnov, in your opening lab courses you suggest certain openings for white and black with recommended lines. I propose you create videos of these openings.

    1. Hi Johnny,

      Indeed, I proposed another opening for Black against 1.d4 in the “GM’s Openings Laboratory” course. If you prefer to stick to those variations, it’s totally fine.

      At the same time, Grunfeld defense is a sound choice as well. In the recent survey we conducted, it was one of the top openings asked by RCA students. The new course covers Grunfeld very well IMO, and I am sure you’ll get good results with it.

      Anyway, of course the choice is yours. Whatever opening you play, just do it well! 🙂

      1. i wish you best of luck for your coaching carrer dear igor sir.alex ipatov is great player and teacher.he has done many dvds for yuri markhusin site.oleksienko is his teacher.i request you to please contact mr rb ramesh of india

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