Merry Christmas from RCA + Win 1-hour Skype Session with GM Igor Smirnov!

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RCA wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, we wish you a joy-filled Christmas. 😊 Also, we would like to celebrate this festival with you as we always do.
Merry Christmas Remote Chess Academy

Christmas Special Offers

To celebrate this wonderful time, we’re providing you with some really cool offers. First, there will be a variable discount on all the RCA courses from today (24th) until Wednesday, 1 January (inclusive). What does a variable discount mean?

Offer-1: Variable Discount:

Well, it’s a discount that varies, reduces actually, every day. Below are the details:

  • 50% discount on 24 & 25 December
  • 45% on 26 December
  • 40% discount on 27 December
  • 35% discount on 28 December
  • 30% discount from 29 December until 1 January (included)

Therefore, the sooner you grab the courses, the higher the discount you get! All you have to do is use the coupon “xmas”. If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here.

Offer-2: 1-hour Skype Session with GM Igor Smirnov:

Yes, you read that right – you don’t just get to study the RCA courses with huge discounts, but you also get a chance to win a 1-hour Skype session with me (something most of you have been asking for).

Out of all the buyers from 24 December until 1 January , 2 winners will be selected and EACH of them will have a 1-hour Skype session with me. The session will be recorded and EVERYONE buying a course during the offer period (24 December until 1 January) will get the recordings after the session has taken place.
Chess Coaching from GM Igor Smirnov

<< Grab the RCA courses now >>

Let me emphasise that this is the first time I’m doing something this huge – giving 1-hour live Skype session! Therefore, don’t miss this chance. Use the coupon “xmas” to purchase your favourite RCA courses, and do it soon, so that you get higher discounts! 😊
designAdditionally, I’ve published a new video lesson for you called “Chess Opening Trick: Master LOST IN 8 MOVES!”. In this video, I’ll share with you a really clever chess opening trick which would allow you to beat a strong master in just 8 moves. Watch and enjoy this game now!

You can also download the PGN of this game below:

Comments: 11

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