Mini-course – The Secrets of Strong Chess Players

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I’m very happy to talk to you again after a while. As you may know, stage-1 of our Game Festival (LINK) was completed successfully. I’m glad that many of you have participated in the contest. 🙂


Most importantly, YOUR love, passion and enthusiasm for chess is very important for that. After all, what matters is participating, not winning! 🙂

As I informed you before, we’re reviewing the games meticulously; we’ll soon publish the top-10 games which make it to stage-2 of the contest, along with the voting option. Therefore, stay tuned and catch our updates. You can ‘Like’ our Facebook page to see immediate updates: LINK


Additionally, I’ve something cool for you. 🙂 We’ve created our new mini-courseThe Secrets of Strong Chess Players”.


To celebrate the release of this mini-course , I’ve decided to give you the mini-course for FREE! 🙂 All you need do is to subscribe to us and get this nice gift. You can subscribe and get the gift here: LINK 

This mini-course will contain:

  • Complete lesson “The secrets of strong players” in both video and E-book format
  • Practical tasks after studying the lesson, with instructive comments
  • Most importantly, this is a real training for FREE.

Moreover, this mini-course has a similar format to our paid courses.  If you have never studied our paid courses, this is an excellent opportunity for you to know how our lessons are BEST, and that many students enjoy our material.


If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter already, you can still subscribe here (LINK) again and get the mini-course for FREE. Nothing will change after you subscribe again. 🙂


How about finishing this article with a practical endgame puzzle? 🙂


It’s Black’s turn in the above position. Of course, White definitely cannot lose here, but Black could! Do you think that Black can somehow get a draw?

After calculating all possible variations, share your thoughts by commenting below and discussing this with others as well. 🙂

Comments: 33

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  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to ask a question about the position at 8:25 in the mini-couse. You say white can’t play Ng3 to defend the pawn because of Qxg3. However, after Qxg3 white has Bf4 trapping the black queen. I understand Ng3 may still not be the best move so I would like to know what its drawback are.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Michael!

      13.Ng3 is possible indeed, and it’s great that you’ve noticed this creative move! Although Black can save the queen after 13…Qg3 14.Bf4-Ne4 it’s still bad for him for lack of development.

      The drawback of 13.Ng3 is that this knight is going to appear in the corner (on h1!) after the following exchanges: 13.Ng3-de 14.g5-hg 15.hg-Rh1

      In overall, the position after 13.Ng3 is so complex that it’s worth a separate video lesson 🙂 For instance, Black may also consider e5, Bd6 etc. Nevertheless the above line 13…de might be the best choice for Black.

      Anyway, congratulations for noticing this hidden resource for White!

  2. I believe Black can draw (only) with 1… Kd6! 2. h6 (forced, otherwise the Black king approaches the pawn, as in 2. Kg6 Ke7 3. h6 (or 3. Kg7 Ng5) 3… Kf8 4. h7 Ne5+ and now because of Ne5-g4-e5 Black either has a perpetual or achieves Kg7) 2… Ne5 3. h6 (There is nothing better: 3. Kf6 Ng5+, and any other move allows Nf7 with an easy draw) 3… Nf7 4. h7 Nh8 and now White can only make progress via Kf6-g7-xh8, but Black will be able to respond to Kxh8 with Kf8 (or Kf7) with a stalemate.

    Before looking at the correct drawing move, I was tempted by the far more complicated line (that loses) 1… Nd4+. The point is that 2.Ke5? Kd7! 3. h6 (3. Kxd4 Ke7 is a draw) 3… Ne6 4. Kf6 (4. h7 Nf8! 5. h8=Q Ng6+) 4… Nf8 5. Kf7 (5. Kg7 Ke8 is an easy draw) 5… Nh7 6. Kg7 Ke7! with a draw. Also, 2. Kg6? Ne6 draws. Unfortunately, White wins with 2. Kf6!, and now e.g. 2… Kd7 3. h6 Ne6 4. h7 1-0

    Thanks for the position!

    1. Hi Day_Dreamer,

      Once we publish the best games on our blog, you will be able to vote. Currently we’re making the final touches on selecting the games.

      Best regards,
      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

  3. Neither this mini-course nor its e-book runs on my Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 64-bit operating system PC. But on my another PC with Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 32-bit operating system, they both run. Is it the issue of 64-bit operating system? Expecting cordial solution.

    1. hi ghani please contact a computer expert in this type of problem i am sure they will help you a lot…..format your pc and then install windows 7 i am sure thi s will help.

  4. To Yash (Guest): Yes, hope so but formatting pc and installing windows newly is a huge task as it follows a lot of setups after installing the OS. Anyway, my previously bought courses from RCA run smoothly that have the version 8.0.3 of autoplay.exe whereas this new mini-course has the version 8.0.4. I would like to inform you further that all other programs and apps on this PC run flawlessly. Thanks.

    1. Hi Brandon,

      We will publish the top 10 games very soon now. Please follow our blog for the announcement.

      Best regards,
      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

  5. Hi Brandon,

    Igor has a busy schedule and does not take students for individual training anymore.

    Best regards,
    Silvestras | Student Support Officer

  6. Hey,rca moderator, I am unable to purchase any paid course NIR webinars from your site.transactions with my credit card is not working and I did I not have a PayPal account. I have only net banking?? Please suggest mei something.

  7. dear sir i have a visa card,i didnot have any mastercard thats why my transactions are failed regurlary .sir please suggest me a way for transaction ??please help?

    1. Sir ,I had linked my visa card to my PayPal account but I still have a problem in buying webinars.? Please help mei? U have a Dena bank visa debit card.

    2. dear sir,i also tried to pay directly by debit or credit card by entering the information about my card but it says that visa cards cann’t be used for this transactioons???which type of cards can i use for rca transactions??thankyu in advance??

  8. Hi Yash,
    It is unfourtunate that you have problems with purchasing our products.
    The below FAQ has the list of cards which are accepted.
    I live in India and I am able to purchase with the PayPal account linked my debit card.
    If you still have problems, contact us at [email protected] if you can provide us the error message that you get or the screenshot of the problem that will be very helpful.
    You can find the acceptable payment methods in the below FAQ.

    Prasaadh / Student Support Officer

  9. dear igor,in rca there is a credit point system if i purchase a webinars which cost 20 usd then i will get 20 credit points for the next purchase.but what is the use of this credit points??thankyu in advance!!!!!

  10. Hi Yash,

    The credit points may be used to get a discount for your future purchases. For example, 100 points = 1 USD discount.

    Best regards,
    Silvestras | Student Support Officer

    1. Hi Barry,

      Please contact our Support Department regarding this issue. We will send you the free course.

      Best regards,
      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

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