This course contains some powerful practical tips.They will help you to find the best moves and to do it quickly! Also you will optimize your chess training and will speed up your progress.

Learn the lessons slowly and seriously. Only this way gives real advancement.

Lesson-1:“Finding the Best Moves; Quickly”

This video contains some practical recommendations regarding an effective time management in chess. It will help you to prevent any time trouble and to find the best moves quickly in different positions.

Lesson-2:“Break The 3000 Rating Barrier!”

This goal looks pretty nice, isn’t it? After a study of the lesson, this will become your reality!

Lesson-3:“How to Progress in Chess?”

In this lesson I am going to discuss a topic that is interesting for every chess player. We will discuss CHESS PROGRESS.
How to get better at chess? How fast can you improve your chess rating and reach a certain goal? etc…
You can find the text lesson HERE.

Lesson-4:“Do you know it?”

This lesson will help you to understand better why many players can’t progress in chess. You need to avoid this mistake if you want to get serious results in chess.

You can find the text lesson HERE.

Lesson-5:“Do you know it? (part-2)”

This is is a continuation of the previous lesson. Also it contains some practical advices about planning.

Lesson-5:“The Most Common Mistake”

Most of chess players make this mistake and even don’t understand it at all! However, it is quite simple idea. So you will be able to use it right after a study of this video lesson.

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