Misguided Techniques

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Comments: 5019

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  1. Hi to all. I would like to say that from the day that I study the course GM secrets I stop make all this mistakes and I focus in a simply and very effective thinking way. I had learned really well 5 simply rules, I apply them in every chess game, so I really enjoy playing!
    I didn’t lose a singe chess game this year… And I would like to say that I had play with theoretical better opponents… 
    Have faith to our teacher!

  2. Dear Igor, thanks a lot for the great video. That can be said about all lessons and videos of yours, and I have them all…While I was watching this video, I remembered a game I just played last night. I played a higher rated opponent and the endgame was a ¨theoretical draw.¨ A K, R, and three pawns against a K, R, and three Ps. Everything equal but our knowledge about endgames. Using what I had learnt from your ¨Endgame Expert¨ course I exchanged two pawns, then I won my opponent´s last pawn for nothing, after that his rook and I checkmated him. The game lasted 76 moves. I was exhausted, but I felt like a winner. Well, I was a winner. You´re a damn good chess teacher/trainer.

    Atan Marino,

  3. “Simple is better than complex” “Less is better than more” this’s chess human, we are human!!

  4. Dear Sir, Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge on what not to do for chess progress. I am waiting for another video on what to do for chess progress.

  5. Thanks Igor. It’s nice to remember time to time your guiding lines and ideas about effective learning in chess. There is a strict logic behind your ideas and we can’t but to appriciate your sharings. Thanks and wish u the best!

  6. Yes indeed THINKING CHESS is crucial EVEN when solving tactical puzzles – from real games say. It turns outthat you get a little better – tactically at least – by carefully solving and repeating many of them. HOWEVER if you are not concentrated or if you do not THINK you will repeat a fair number of errors or will be unable to see the solutions after some time. Moreover the point is how to avoid these positions or to force the opponent into them or to know the VARIATIONS of them that will give the same solution or a variation of the solution. And then you anyhow need to be able to think properly. For example on the MOBILITY of the king in proper terms.

  7. I’m confused. I thought that one of the best ways to improve is to analyze master games, but here you say NOT to study GM games. Which is it?

    1. Igor Smirnov say in the grandmaster secrets, serious study your own games for hours from the first move to the last move , kasparov did it and have learn huge from his own games 🙂

  8. Thanks, great video. It made my self thinking how to evalute how intense I should be and focus on resolving chess problems.

  9. Simple is better than Complex, but not at all realistic for improving chess play once one is no longer a beginner. How good a GM game is to study depends on how clear the annotaters’ explanations are, and how cogently and accurately he applies known principles to what happened in the game.

    I actually did gain important value that will contribute directly to improved strength from watching the weight lifters’ technique. I observed the bar was high on his shoulders, his hands beyond shoulder width and his back was kept very straight throughout the lift. This display of technique was very useful even if I can’t lift 300+ kilos after watching it. Observation of this technique will no doubt help one to lift more than one currently can. The same with playing through or watching a well annotated chess game.

    I will concede that some games are way over ones head to learn much from, compared to other games, but it’s more the quality of the annotaters teaching skill that contributes to the learning, than the competitive strength of the GMs who played it.

  10. no analyzing … no solving … no Theories !!
    >>> what do you want IGOR ??? !!!
    igor : follow me like a BLIND ..!!!!

    I’m sorry ( IGOR)… but you confused me more !!!!!

  11. Helo FBI U right from u r view! but here Igor cant reveal secrets publicly u can realize only after studying all courses Analyzing,Solving,Theoires in simple and effective way not the present u r or most peoples do

  12. Thank u so much for This amazing video, I will change my study 🙂 because I only follow ur courses, and what u recommend it , noting else anymore ur the best #1 you really understand how the amateur play chess en how to help them , u do

  13. huge long time ago I had ask to a FIDE MASTER , how improve in chess he say to me chess tactics is the key , now I understand it is not the key , and he is still a FIDE MASTER and if u not take all your time to us , u was now a world champion, because u have a deep understanding of a chess game and know how to use anything in practice 🙂

    1. Hello

      Could you please talk in English so that everyone can understand what you are talking about?

      Thank you!

      — Moderator

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