The Most Beautiful Checkmating Attack in Chess

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GM Igor Smirnov Halloween

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You are about to see the most beautiful checkmating attack ever played! It is the game between Ivanchuk and Morozevich. Ivanchuk is a really interesting person – he somewhat resembles a mad scientist from the Hollywood movies.
Vassily Ivanchuk vs Alexander MorozevichWhen he is in the mood, he is a beast; he plays ingenius moves. And, in this particular game, he was at his best!

The very interesting thing about this game is that both players are highly creative. A lot of the so-called immortal games were played between a world class player and an amateur. In this game, both of them are extremely great players, and so they both played very creative chess.

Watch and enjoy this beautiful game now:

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Comments: 6

Comments 6

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