Most common problems many chess players face in an endgame

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The endgame is a very important stage of a chess game. It is equally valued as the opening and the middlegame stage. It is true that you can learn the endgame quite easily, but there is a contradiction: Endgame books or other online materials use very difficult examples or very detailed positions which do not usually occur during practical chess games, so they can be difficult and eventually boring to you.

Most common problems faced in learning the endgame stage:

–> Players don’t know WHAT to study – there are different types of endgames and quite a lot of theories
–> They don’t know HOW to study – whether to look through games of strong grandmasters or solve puzzles
–> They don’t know how MUCH to study – when they don’t know what and how to study in the first place, determining the quantity of study is quite impossible
–> Too much to remember?! – often most players feel that the endgame is like an ocean; there are a lot of theories and strategies to be learnt in order to play any endgame
–> They feel that there is no concrete method to learn the endgame
frustrated magnus carlsenIf you checked our last blog-post, you would have seen that even the world champion Magnus Carlsen missed a golden opportunity in an endgame to win against Sergey Karjakin – the stake could not be any higher; it was the World Chess Championship! So, there is no doubt that even top grandmasters have some troubles during the endgame stage.

If you fall into this category, don’t you worry! Our next course is focused on this topic – Practical Endgames. In this course, you will be taught how you should think and how to play very good chess in this seemingly tough stage of the game. 🙂

I cannot reveal too much information now – stay tuned for I’ll post more details soon in the coming days. Meanwhile, you’re welcome to share your problems during the endgame stage or your thoughts after reading this article, in the comments section below.
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