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Let’s have update news first.

The special offers celebrating the release of “Calculate Till Mate” has expired. The discount codes are NOT going to work now.

Some people wrote me about their desire to purchase the new course. However, it’s not possible for them to purchase now as payday comes on 1st June. OK, for them, I’ll make a little exception. I’ll keep all BONUSES inside the package until the beginning of June.

After that, however, I can’t guarantee that the bonuses will remain in the package. When I see fit, I will take it off the package.

The discounts have already expired. If you missed it, then don’t miss BONUSES! You can order the course “Calculate Till Mate” here:

<< Grab The Course NOW! >>

Looking at the comments on the previous blog-post, you’ll see a lot of feedback about the new course. You’ll even find a feverish discussion between our chess buddies there! 🙂  LINK


Some time ago, I wrote about the ‘Chess In European Schools’ program. It was endorsed by the European Parliament back in March 13 this year. And here are the first results: in my region (Crimea) chess will be introduced in school programs starting from the 1st September of the current year!

Our Royal Game is gaining exposure and popularity slowly but surely!

I won’t be surprised if, someday, chess will be included in major and international sporting events like the Olympics.


To end this post, here’s a little task for you:

You guys know the drill: You should find the best move for White and calculate all associated variations.
Hint: It’s not as simple as it looks. 🙂 In fact it’s really cool!

After that download the solution and check your analysis: LINK


P.S. Shout-outs and congratulations to all who got the new course together with the COMPLETE bonuses and discounts!

And my special THANKS for sending your feedback! I’m always glad to know about your progress. You may send your feedback to [email protected] or post it in comments.

P.P.S. With all respect to Anand and Gelfand, I hope that one of the next WC matches will be played amongst our students! 🙂

Comments: 367

Comments 45

  1. I would really appreciate Igor if you would stop promoting your products by newsletter and come back to chess. It seems like you want to earn money. I would expect little more, I understand you are good Grandmaster, but every single newsletter is only about your product. Can you bring up some new video, ideas, free lessons… that is newletter all about… I’ve got a feeling you are getting into category of those who value more money then knowledge that they would like to pass over. Good luck …

  2. Type your commet

    Dear Mr. Smirnov?
    My chess friends ask you: Why does your site have the opportunity to choose the language you understand better? I think it had more visitors your site and users of your learning. I am a visitor of your website shortly but already see an improvement of my rating. Thank you! Best regards!
    Niki here.

  3. hello GM Igor smirnov , sorry I can buy it next week till 1 june on the normal prize ? or I have read it wrong ? transfer money today to my PayPal account , It will take [email protected] workdays , I buy always your’re courses like this way , sorry I have no creditcard. thankyou 🙂

  4. I agree with Peterhorecky although Im not saying ur bad but its just that u are posting your products in these free lessons.

  5. Mr Peterhorecky and Vaibhavjain, sorry to tell u but i think what u just wrote to this blog is at least impolite and shows no gratitude. The man has send to all of us FREELY at least 30 (or more?) free lessons with ideas that i had not even think that they were exist! I play chess for 15 years and my elo rating is 2120. I had many teachers, and some of them were expensive ones, but none of them was really interested of teaching me the real rules and principles of chess. And suddenly this Gm started to send to all of us free lessons about how to think and play chess. It seems that u don’t understand how important all this knowlenge is maybe because u don’t have tried enough to find real knowlenge. Believe me, noone out there is willing to give his knowlenge to the public. It’s just like a big secret which they keep it for themselves! Even my previous teachers acted like this! Sorry for being so aggresive but i feel that Igor just don’t deserve this king behaviour. And last but not least, the man has to make a living somehow!
    Again i apologise if i was too aggresive but we have to be thankful to everyone who tries to help us with things we love in life. Thanks and take care

    1. I totally agree , I had ask to LOT FM GM master in my country and beside my country to help me , chessqueen had mail her on her site before , she reply me back she not wanna help me to improve , look like the most strong player not wanna help the amateur chess players , thankyou so so so much GM Igor smirnov you;re the best !!!!!!!! keep the good work up 🙂

    2. im sceptical of this because i’ve purchaced this course and have no access to it. its invalid numbers and terminated file.. whats going on? did i get scammed?

  6. Discounts are not available anymore, thus you’ll pay a usual price. The bonuses are still there and you will get them (if you buy it next week).
    P.S. Credit card is a useful thing by the way (not only for purchasing my courses 🙂 but for traveling, always having enough money with you etc).

    1. thanyou so so much for the info , its really no problem I never use Discounts 🙂 because your courses are really so great , and give you really great improved after serious study and huge practice everything 🙂 I was confused about 1 June thought you can only buy it on 1 June.

  7. Dear Mr. Smirnov,

    Something I can’t explain happened to me after reading the first two lessons in your course ‘The Grand Masters Secrets’ at first I didn’t believe it and didn’t want to talk about it but I fell like I should tell you since you’re responsible some how…..
    I am rated at USCF 864. After reading the first two lessons I play 8 games against Houdini Pro 2 and won them all….! I played 2 at 1200, 2 at 1400, 2 at 1600 and 2 at 1800. At first I thought there was something wrong with Houdini but no. I also noticed that everything looked different on the chess board !I stopped playing because it freaked me out!!! This was 4 days ago and I’m still not able to play.

    What do you think this means??

    Thank you Mr. Smirnov,


  8. Five hours ago,I was in town playing chess,Igor I brushed them badly.I ve improved Igor coz of ur lessons,4real you are a gud teacher.Im now a b3 opener.God bless you Igor….

  9. While we are playing the honesty and gripe game. I just want to say I do really appreciate the free tips, videos. But before purchasing any more videos I could never get the last 2 videos never to work even when I paid again for a new password link. Albeit it through most probably my own stupidity..I can not understand the video format

    1. Some videos are in SWF format. Can be read through any SWF reader. Google it and you will find or use the player provided with course.

  10. why the black move the pawn ,,,,,the mate and the winning matirial comes from moving badly the pawn h7 ,,,,,black can avoid this by keeping h7 pawn at his place ,,, (no eat no move ) and thanks for the task gm igor simrnov.

  11. max of Houdini is 3299 elo/rating you will never win , Houdini on 1800 elo/rating is like a chess amateur player sure u can beat that 🙂

    If u understand first two lessons the your course ‘The Grand Masters Secrets’ then you can play good chess.

    1. Yea….I thought something was wrong…..I tried to find out how accurate the engine elo settings were but couldn’t really find mucn. So now it does make sense to know that when you set Houdini to something like 1800 …. it does really play anything close to elo 1800 at all….hahaha ! Thanks for the info Dennis! Also, would you happen toi know approximately what 1800 would really equate to in a standard elo rating?



  12. Hello GM Smirnov
    I had buy your couse ”calculate till mate” and had been install in my com,but i had broblem with my payment than the couse dont work.what should i do if i want to use the couse again,buy a new one or just buy the new lisence?……i realy wan study ur course

  13. I take whatever I said back,, Thanks for opening my eyes Konsu1896. NOw i agree with you and hopefully id didnt upset Igor:)Anyway I just had a tournament and I won 3 games with white using the b3 opening! Thanks Igor Smirnov

  14. Igor-sama: ” Wyvenhoe’s Will o’ the Wisp Weird Wandering World Whispers ” !
    On behalf of Wyvenhoe Chess Academy [Check Wikipedia] & Associates may I launch above site on presently un-suspecting chessites through your organisation?
    Our intentions are to bring to notice of millions of players a multitudinous range of misdemeanours. if I may use that description. happening in our World’s Royal game.
    A simple example, earning culprits a dis-credit: Naming those supposedy grand maestros who only trash emails from small minnows & never respond to reminders.
    On the credit side we will name those organisations that act vice-versa. As there are approx. 800+ countries & at least 1700 clubs in our world, we invite members to send WCA, brief details of any happenings they have in mind, as worth telling others. Anonymity is guaranteed unless clearly specified otherwise by contributor: We have in mind publishing monthly, the top 5 goodies as shown in polls. WCA will publish name of the best performer, service & otherwise, so entitled in its opinion. This odyssey will commence receiving comments on Friday, 1st June, 2012.
    Kindly address yours to: [email protected]
    Prospective club members should visit:

    {WOW}: A fortuitous abbreviation – please note that WCA is being resurrected after quite a few years. During the interim it has gathered a large collection of items relative to our sport. We will not continue with “blog” – preferring off beaten track~!
    So in that vein, Wows will not be confined to chess; rather odds ‘n ends ferreted out from here, there and everywhere. Please be patient in our re-birthing period.

    Igor: Sama is a Japanese word added to the name of a personage of some respect.
    San is added to those names of people of a lower degree in Nihon society. Congratulations to you on raising so many interesting facets in your Master capacity.

    We wish you all happy matings in life’s aspects – may your pawns be crowned!

    Sincerely * * * * * John Hannon Founder & CEO – WCA & Associates.

    1. W O W #2. Tuesday, 29.5.12 Tassy Time.

      Further to our introductory discourse of yesterday: Monday 28.5.12. [email protected] was not acceptable to Gmail. {Not available}?~!

      We have been considering leaving Gmail in our wake {Ha Ha Ha – should that be “wake” as in Irish funeralean celebrations?} – too many disruptions.

      Please substitute: [email protected] and oblige. Naturally it will be changed in the many emails that will be going world wide shortly.

      Came across an early published book just lately: Written by {We presume} a relative of “Old Mother Hubbard” in the early 1900s!

      Indexed A-Z over 3 pages double columned.
      Extracts will come your way from time to time – fascinating reading!
      1. Don’t run away from a dificulty. If you do, you’ll find the difficulty, like a polar bear, will follow you. Besides, you can’t run away from a fault, because you carry the cause of the fault with you * * * * *.

  15. Hey Igor I just bough the course today Calculate Till Mate it work fine , like all the 5 courses that I had buy before never had problems whit it , my chess goal is to be a FM master , with your courses I really believe that I can be it 🙂 to play chess like you is only a dream 🙂 🙂 really really I hope that his not will be you’re last course ?? thankyou heaps for anything!! !!!!!!

  16. DEAR Igor
    I bought the calculate Mate till past six days and have not received EMAIL to download it.


    1. We’ve sent necessary information to your e-mail.

      P.S. Why haven’t you contacted us earlier? 🙂
      P.P.S. In the future, please, send technical questions to our support zone. This area is used for comments.

  17. GM Smirnov,

    First, I would like to thank you for all of the free videos that you post. They have helped me improve my chess play. I am going to purchase some of your courses.

    Which order should the courses be studied in?

    Thank you for what you do and best of luck to you.

  18. i enjoyed the first 2 courses (Openings and a Winning Plan) but as much as I have tried to purchase additional products the third party vendor linked has a problem processing a successful order…..i give up

  19. I again advise to all, please do not miss the bonus material in the course “Calculate Till Mate” as that is really good…

  20. I am having problems opening the video course as it looks like is not authenticating my licence. does anyone have the same issue?



  21. Yes, there’s a sudden technical problem. We know about it and we’re making our best to solve it as soon as possible. I’m very sorry for this inconvenience.
    P.S. There’s nothing you should do about it. Just wait for a bit, we’ll solve it and everything will work fine. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

    1. today it is even worst. clicklocker is joignable however it says my licence is invalid or has been terminated. I hope they can restore their database!

  22. Hi
    I am not able to open any of the course like Calculate till mate, Positional understandings, GM self taught etc.It is saying Licence code not valid or terminated by vendor.Kindly help.Also is it possible once we purchased these courses , it not asked for code verification becos these type of problems can come in future also

    1. There was a sudden technical problem, but now everything should work fine.
      I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

      P.S. Before posting a new comment – please, observe older comments. Your question was already answered earlier. Thanks!

  23. After study Calculate Till Mate (not done yet) I won a online 3 min game from an higher rated player 🙂

    1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 BC4 Nf6 4 d3 Bc5 5 Ng5 0-0 6 Nxf7 Rxf7 7 Bxf7+ Kxf7 8 0-0 d6 9 Nc3 Bg4 10 Qe1 Nd4 11 Qd2 Qd7 12 h3 Bxh3 13 gxh3 Qxh3 14 a3 Nf3# 0-1

  24. d4d52.Nc3Nf63.e3Nc64.Bb5Bd75.Bxc6Bxc66.Nf3e67.Ne5Qd68.Nd3O-O-O9.Bd2Be710.Qe2Rhg811.Nc5b612.Nb5Bxb513.Qxb5bxc514.dxc5Qxc515.Qxc5Bxc516.O-O-ONe417.Be1Rd618.f3Bxe3+19.Kb1Nf220.Bb4c521.Rde1Nxh122.Bxc5Bxc523.Rxh1

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