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First, let me remind you that today is the LAST chance for you to get the new course “Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind” (LINK) with special offers (LINK).


Let me give you the discount coupon once again:

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Meanwhile, one of my students has already bought the course and started studying it. Let me share his feedback about the new course with you:

I have purchased the new course on 29 January 2015. Enjoyed the introduction by GM Igor Smirnov. A very finely crafted course I can say as of now (as I am studying other lessons).”

– JP Singh, India

Thanks for providing your feedback, JP Singh. It’s great to know that you’re enjoying the new course! I wish you well-deserved and great success. 🙂

After studying this course, YOU will adopt the advanced skills used by Grandmasters, which will bring YOU closer to this top level.


Also, you can find much more detailed information about the course, and how it will help you to improve your game, here: LINK

Also, as I said before, after studying this course, please leave your comments below about your first impressions of the course. You may also let us know your feedback by contacting us: LINK


Talking about how a Grandmaster thinks, let me test your planning and thinking skills. 🙂


White to play

Even though it seems that White is looking better, there is no idea or plan to make use of this advantage at the moment. Black is under pressure, but is defending. White now finds a good plan that allows him to attack the Black king. Can you find it?

After calculating all moves, you may find the answer here: LINK

Comments: 29

Comments 28

  1. THe material quality of the course is great. But it is difficult to understand and grasp it. The concerning thing is the audio is not good as compared to other. GM Dugly in this course was great. His webinar were not good as he doesn’t explain reasons behind every move. But this time he has done it really well. All-over it was great. But I didn’t get the webinar ticket nor the recording till now.

  2. yes the new course with GM Duglyis not great !!!!!!!!! he just analyses the games , he go to fast, not tell deeply on every move how he think wha he t think , its difficult to understand !!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    #1 igor smirnov

  3. The course seems to be suited for intermediate players, a less advanced player can learn, but it will take ample use of the pause and rewind features.

    One quality issue is at three minutes into lesson three, the tip menu drops down, although it is blank, revealing no text.

  4. I’m totally agree with you. I was very very disappointed.
    Difficult to understand his speaking (contrary to others courses from Igor Smirnov) and he is giving lines without really explaining them and without given his own thinking process. It is like simply hearing a game analysis. And the tips given are for beginner and almost always unuseful. For example in a toptips I have learned something like Grandmasters win against weak players because Grandmaster makes better moves than their oponents !!!!!!!
    In the others course there are logical plan for the courses with a lot of text explanation in the videos. Here only these unuseful toptips with no clear explanation plan.

    I will take a try to the ebook version to see if it is more clear and comprehensive and I will for sure no rewatch these videos. And I will hope that the praktical part are not as the videos.

    1. try the text version, that has helped me. Watch video again after going through text version on your chess board.

    2. Thanks yes true , and some tips are the same from Igor courses , after 3 videos I not know how grandmasters really think and find powerful moves. igor courses are the best !!!!!!!

      No I am not a beginner of chess but a expert , I did study Igor courses , I am a club player tournament player , team player also I play online on FIDE Online Arena 🙂

    3. Gm Dlugy is clearly a very strong player, but he is not the best teacher. Each lesson has information in it, but it is scattered and not centered around any one theme. Trying to take notes from these lectures is difficult. Compare this to any lecture from GM Positional Understanding, say, where everything follows logically and with clear demarcations.

      The final verdict will have to wait until I go through the practical part, which is always the litmus test. Still, I must say it’s weaker than the previous course, Opening Lab 2, which I thought was fantastic and would be hard to top. Unfortunately I was right…

  5. I was already saying to Igor and you guys that dlugy is not the best he explains so fast but nobody is relying on my thought. His webinar s was also not too good

  6. Hello JP could you please tell us how this course helped you ?? I did not biu this course .yet because I ant to know everybody suggest ion about this course maxim is analyzing games but not explaining them that is the problem with him.

  7. Hi Ayush,
    GM Maxim Dlugy has actually explained what more a GM applies in his games than other players who know positional chess well through GM Igor Smirnov’s course “GM’s Positional Understanding” or books like “My System” by Nimzowitsch or “Simple Chess” by Michael Stean. Being a prize winner after getting 8 points out of 10 in recent Parsvnath International Chess (Category C), I know positional chess principles well but still find trouble against high rated players (above FIDE 1800 or so). It is this point, I find that this new course addresses well and can take our games to higher levels.

  8. Hi Everybody,
    Thank you for all your postive feedback and improvement about the new course.
    We will make a note of all the feedback.

    Prasaadh / Student Support Officer.

  9. hi owner of unlocking gms mind.The course is very good. my suggsion is make part 2 and discuss other importent topics. the analsis is very good. he told every thing in great detail what he has in mind during the game i expected breaf explanition on active play.planing.unbalance positioon and other theams

  10. thankyou so much jp singh for this great information you are great congrats for your big success.i am gone buy this course..that all i want to know fro m you .most of the guys are throwing negative comments about this course so i got worried.my system is good book i have watched video series of this book

  11. I’ve seen the full introductory video lesson by GM Smirnov on the course “Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind”, easy to understand and very educational! I wish he can supplement the course using his 5 most instructive games and own analysis as “a bonus”. Certainly will make the new chess course even more popular and greater value.

  12. Hello respected Sir,
    There are a lot of players in the world who can’t buy this video lessons because of the price!!!. As a chess lover, Sir, please release some free video lessons for poor chess lovers. Be a more respectable chess Grand-master in the world. Beyond money, at least, some great thoughts are there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi Day_Dreamer,

    I really like your idea. I will pass it to Igor and we will see if it can be implemented. If not, we will definitely consider it in the future courses.

    Best regards,
    Silvestras | Student Support Officer

  14. I have purchased every one of Igor’s courses and I’m sorry to say that this is the first time I have regretted doing so. I am yet to do the practical tasks (which are in many ways the most important part) but the quality of the video lessons is poor. It is just a set of annotated games and there are much better videos for free on youtube. If it was the first course I purchased I would have considered requesting a refund.

    Igor usually emphasises how principles can become part of our natural thinking process so that they can be applied to games. His lessons are clear, instructive and enjoyable. GM Dlugy may be a nice guy and this is nothing personal against him but the latest course is a big departure both in direction and quality. There seems to be no coherent theme and few principles I can apply to my games. I am surprised there has been any positive feedback for it considering the style and quality of Igor’s previous courses.

    I hope the feedback from those of us who have expressed our disappointment is taken seriously. It would be a great pity if this was ever allowed to happen again.

    1. Hi Angus,

      Thank you for your feedback. We take all feedback seriously and we will definitely try to improve with future releases.

      Best regards,
      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

    1. Hi Ayush,

      Thank you for the request. We will take it into account and consider.

      Best regards,
      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

  15. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Angus. I already had a hard time finishing the video lessons because it wasn’t presented in a student-friendly way, nor was there some passion about presenting the topics.
    I too found it difficult to find principles that can be used in my games. It’s more of the teacher’s experience and way of thinking that made him come up with ideas/moves, rather than principles that are applicable (and maybe with a bit of hindsight bias relatable to principles). This looks more like a dvd about explaining a couple of games by him. I still have to work out the practical part, but as far as I can judge for now, the relation of the video part to the practical part is very thin. For example, planning.. on which video lesson can I get more information about how to do such a thing in practice, it only mentions Steinitz and the usefulness of planning?
    I am always eager to get Igor’s courses.. but now it feels like there was less thought behind the course.

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