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Only Geniuses Can Solve This Chess Puzzle + Quarantine Mega Bundle

Only Geniuses Can Solve This Chess Puzzle + Quarantine Mega Bundle

These are tough times for a lot of us due to the coronavirus outbreak. At the RCA, we understand that this crisis may have affected many of you, and that’s why we have decided to help you get through these tough times by helping you get better at chess. Some of you might not be able to afford our paid courses, and you can make the best out of what we are going to provide – you can get the “Quarantine Mega Bundle”!

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Today I’d like to challenge you – try to solve the interesting chess puzzle provided below. Even some of the grandmasters could not solve it, let’s see if you can. 😊

genius chess puzzle

White to play

As you can see, Black is ready to push his pawn to b2, giving a check, and then to promote it to a queen. Black’s bishop on h7 is preventing White from doing a lot of things as well. So, what should White do here? Can you find it? Once again, let me warn you that it is really hard to solve. 😊 Check out the video analysis below to see the solution:



I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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