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Recently, I watched the trailer of an American movie about the great GM Bobby Fischer – the eleventh World Champion and considered to be one of the greatest players ever – and his main rival, GM Boris Spassky.


The movie is titled “Pawn Sacrifice” and the well-known Tobey Maguire played the role of Fischer. Ironically, it’s nice to see that ‘Peter’ got good at chess. 🙂


You can watch the trailer here (LINK). I was happy about that film coming out. It’s great to see chess in mainstream cinema! 🙂

Additionally, I thought it would be good to have some chat about this and discuss it. So, here’s my question for you – who do you like the more? Fischer or Spassky? What do you like about them? 🙂 In what way did they inspire you? Feel free to write your thoughts and comments below.



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Comments: 3

Comments 3

  1. Like many American’s my age,Fischer inspired me to play chess, I love his clear and classical style. Someone, (IM Anthony Saidy I believe) once wrote, that Fischer played like Capablanca, if Capa had had Alekhine’s single minded drive.

  2. Fischer often made it look so simple to play the best moves for the whole game and to beat strong opponents.

  3. dear igor fischer is the best he follows all the classsical principles that you had been telling in your courses.

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