Why Peter Svidler is the god of Grunfeld defense?

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The Grunfeld defense, followed by the moves 1. d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 is one of the most popular chess openings, where Black offers White the possibility of 4. cxd5, when after 4…Nxd5 White further gets the opportunity to kick the Black Knight away with 5. e4, leading to a strong centre for White.

However, the large pawn centre could be a liability rather than an asset. The Grunfeld is therefore an opening, showing how a large pawn centre can either be a powerful battering ram or a target for attack.

Russian Grandmaster and seven-time Russian Champion, Peter Svidler, is considered the ‘God of Grunfeld defense’ for his expertise in the opening. People say that a lot of modern moves were ‘invented’ by him and that he has contributed a lot to modern Grunfeld theory.

Today our guest coach, IM David Miedema, has prepared a very instructive video lesson for you. In this lesson, Miedema will show you a great game played by Svilder against Beliavsky, playing the Grunfeld defense. You can watch the video lesson below:

Author information
IM David Miedema


David Miedema is an International Master from the Netherlands. His biggest achievements include:


–> 6th of the Netherlands, beating Anish Giri in the process, twice.

–> Winning the Neckar open in 2010


He gained crucial fun skills in teaching chess. He will be traveling around Europe making videos and live in nomad lifestyle.





P.S. Did you enjoy the lesson? Have you played some interesting games in Grunfeld defense as Black (or played against it)? Or do you face any problem(s) in this opening? Feel free to write in the comments below and discuss. 🙂

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Comments: 7

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  1. yeah indeed peter had done 12 hour dvds courses on chess24.com on this particular opening and it is far advanced a 2600 rated player can also learn a lot from that.thanks igor sir for this great vidoe lesson.

    1. Sometimes I enjoy watching videos made by Svidler. However, we have to take into account that opening preparation of the world’s top-20 players is 1000% more advanced than the rest. Compared to us, those guys are from another planet 🙂

      1. dear igor thanks for replying my messages it is great to talk to you.thanks for this information.sir.you are right the top players work very hard in opening.they are super gms.dear sir do you watch chess base dvds which of them do you like most??

        1. I can name something, but in general I’m sure that ‘magic pills’ do not exist. It’s not about 1 outstanding dvd you need to find. It’s about the right way of training, performed systematically over a long period of time. That’s why I strive to produce my courses so that it can give you the SYSTEM that you can follow (not just a bunch of different videos).
          To conclude, you may check out any particular dvd which covers the area you wish to improve in; it may be the area where you make mistakes regularly and wish to rectify it.

          1. okk sir thankyou so much for this kind reply and outstanding information.i hope you have nice trip of malaysia and i would like to see your new course.thanks.byye tc.

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