Piece coordination and maneuvering in chess

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Today we have an interesting topic to discuss. It’s called “Piece coordination and maneuvering in chess”. As you may know, the game of chess is nothing without the pieces. If the players don’t move (or use) their pieces, the game is simply ‘dead’.

Just like how all players need to be involved in a football game, when it comes to chess, you have to use your pieces and bring them into the battle.
spartaAnd the most important thing is not simply to involve your pieces in the play randomly, but with some useful purpose. This can be called “teamwork” or, technically, “piece coordination”.

This applies even at the topmost level. For instance, in the World Chess Championship events, the champion and the challenger have a team with them for preparation. Even the world number 1, Carlsen, does not prepares by himself. 🙂

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”.

– Michael Jordan

So you need to understand that piece coordination is very important and can be very effective in your games.

To help you understand this, and also for maneuvering pieces even better, our guest coach GM Levan Aroshidze has prepared an interesting lesson for you. 🙂

You may already know him from his previous lessons that you can find on our YouTube channel here: LINK.Also, he is the author of our latest chess opening course, the “Bogo-Indian Defense” (LINK).

Before getting into the lesson, let me see if you can find a proper solution to this puzzle:

White to play

It’s White’s turn now. Do you think that White’s pieces are well placed? What is the BEST continuation for White?

After calculating all possible variations, you may watch the video lesson below and check your answer. 🙂

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNEt06wCdoE”]


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Comments: 1

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