Planning, Evaluation & Fortress

Recently I’ve been inviting different IMs/GMs to make lessons and webinars for you. I hope you enjoyed those lectures!

Every coach has his “areas of specialization”: some are strong in attack, others have good positional understanding etc. Therefore, while learning lessons from various teachers you can build your COMPREHENSIVE chess knowledge.


When you don’t have any gaps in your chess education, your results will become GOOD and STABLE.

From my side, I do compare the results of different coaches, and select only the best ones for you.

So far there was a “guest coach” who got the biggest quantity of “Likes” from the students – this is Valeri Lilov with his lecture about Karpov’s Prophylaxis: LINK

With that said, I’m pleased to inform you that Lilov will conduct the next webinar for you on Sunday, 14 September. In this closed webinar, you’ll learn the practical hints for a proper middlegame play.

You can read the detailed info about the event, and sign yourself into this webinar here:

Webinar<< Webinar “Planning, Evaluation & Fortress”>>

In the meanwhile, if you missed any of the past Lilov’s lessons, you may check them here:

  • Karpov’s prophylaxis: LINK
  • Typical mistakes: LINK


Finally you can enjoy a few nice positions from Valeri’s games.

Lilov – TodorovLilov - TodorovWhite’s turn

White has a clear positional advantage: he controls more space and has more active pieces. How to realize this advantage?

Note: you’ll find the answer in the end of the article.


Lilov – ChatalbashevLilov - ChaltabashevWhite’s turn

White’s f7-rook has invaded into Black’s position, but how to continue the attack?

Once you came up with your solution, please, observe the above 2 examples with my comments here: LINK

On Sunday you’ll be able to talk to Lilov personally during his webinar, and to know how he manages to find such great moves.

Please, note that in this webinar we let EVERY participant to submit his/her games and questions. Hence, if you want YOUR questions to be answered – please, sign up at earliest: LINK

  • marwanradman123

    I am involved in the last Webinar: The Art of Exchange Sacrifice
    , but unfortunately I could not attend ..please ,I wish from you send link to my E-mail for downloading>>>thanks so much>>

    • RCA_moderator

      Hello Marwan,
      I have contacted you regarding the recording of the webinar to your personal e-mail.

      Prasaadh / Student Support Officer.

  • Joseph Ferdinand

    Pl send me the link for Webinar tomorrow the 14th sept.ASAP!

    • RCA_moderator

      Hi Joseph,
      I have contacted the concerned department regarding the link for the webinar.
      Please make sure that you registered after paying the entry fee if you have not done so already.

      Prasaadh / Student Support Officer

  • For those who have registered for the webinar – don’t hesitate to submit your games and questions. That’s a great opportunity to improve your play.

    You can learn some openings by yourself. However, when it comes to complex strategic topics, it’s pretty hard to improve your skills without a help from an experienced coach.
    Hence, the webinar about “evaluation & planning” is a great opportunity for those who want to progress in chess.

  • Joseph Ferdinand

    Technically, the Webinar was a disaster.. no link bet what he talks and the diagram before us, try to correct that in the video…

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