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As of now, I can inform you that we’ll be adding the premium video “Play like Tal” by GM Simon Williams and another one which will be about a famous chess opening! We’ll add them to our shop very soon.

Therefore, stay tuned and catch our updates. You can also ‘Like’ our Facebook Page here: LINK

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Moreover, today I’ll be sharing with you the introductory video to the DVD “Play like Tal”! 🙂 In this video, you’ll watch a game from the World Chess Championship – 1960, between the two great chess players, Mikhail Tal and Mikhail Botvinnik.


It is a very famous chess game where Tal, the Magician from Riga, who is well known for his sacrifices, gave up material in search of the initiative.

There is a famous quote by Tal:

“There are two types of sacrifices: correct ones and mine”.

Maybe that’s excluded from this particular game (and many other games as well). 🙂


There are a lot of things that YOU can learn from this video:

  • how to place your pieces actively
  • the art of ‘avoiding’ retreats
  • practical play
  • and much more

I guess that’s enough talking. 🙂 You can watch the video below:

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P.S. If you enjoyed watching the video (I hope you surely will), feel free to write your comments below and share it with your friends. And, most importantly, don’t forget to stay tuned, as the premium video will be released soon. 🙂 We may also provide some offers along the way.
Comments: 138

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  1. dear igor ,simon williams is my most favourite coach in the llist of grandmasters.and i had already seen this dvd its very interesting.simon had very clearly explained the idea behind everymove of tal games and thought process and much more.thankyu for adding it into rca.

  2. It’s great to know you value GM Williams’s course highly.

    I am not only choosing the most instructive courses for you, but also provide the cheapest price for them. Hence, I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

    1. thankyu so much igor in advance you are great.ginger gm produces a lot of dvds for viewers.its great that you chose this premium videos from those collections.can you give me private trianing at low cost??

  3. dear igor,could you please explain the fischer variation and the grand prix attack variation from black point of view by making a instructive lesson??because white always wins with this type of variation.(i know that this type of variation broke several base principles of a chess game but to play correctly with black is a hard task as well).that why i am requesting you to please do a webinar on this type of variations.this is a good choice for sure.and you can also do a webinar of tal’s games and shirov games.they are the most vibrant attackers and tacticians of this planet.i am sure you will like my request.thankyu in advance.

  4. sir,ruy lopez exchange variation is also known as fischer variation because it is popularized by bobby fishcer.e4 e5,nf3 nf6,Bb5 a6,bishop takes on c6 pawn takes c6 and 0-0.this particular variation had cost lots of problem for could you please make a video to demonstrate how to black as black here??thankyu in advance.did you have any timefor private training through internet??

  5. Thanks, I’ll take your question into account while planning future lessons.

    Sorry, it’s hard to engage me for private lessons these days. I’m too costly and busy often. On a positive side, you can enjoy the lessons we produce in RCA, which is much cheaper while the quality is the same.

    1. okkk igor thankyu so much for giving me such a positive response..i know that you are too coslty (150$) in 1hr is your fees which is affordable only for ukrainian guys not for an indian like me.i will stay updated on rca blog to see your fututre courses and webinars and video lessons.dear igor (what to you thik about these types of sites=play chess video training,chesscube show ,powerplay show with daniel king).please give mei your suggestions.thankyu.

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