Play like Tal and Killer Dragon

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In my previous article (LINK), I told you that new premium videos would be added to our RCA shop very soon. Therefore, today I have some amazing information for you. 🙂


Two Premium videos were added to our shop for YOU. They are:


  • Play like Tal (LINK), and
  • Killer Dragon (LINK)


The author of both of these products is GM Simon Williams. I’ve already published the “Introduction” video of “Play like Tal” in my previous article (if you missed it, check it now here: LINK). I hope you liked that lesson. 🙂

Additionally, today I’ve published the preview video of the course “Killer Dragon” for you. You can watch the video lesson below:


[youtube_sc url=”″]


If you enjoyed the lesson, don’t forget to write your comments below the video and share it with your ‘chess mates’.

But wait, I have some ‘gifts’ for you. As I promised, I’m going to provide you these two courses with some special offers, to celebrate this new arrival! 🙂


Special Offer-1:

You can get these two Premium Videos with a huge 30% discount! Just use the coupon “simon” while making your purchase. If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here: LINK

Note: The discount coupon will be valid from today (June 20th) until Wednesday, June 24th (inclusive)


Special Offer-2:

Additionally, you will also get a FREE RCA premium video for every GM Simon Williams product that you purchase. So, this is just another BONUS for you! 🙂

If you purchase the Premium Video “Play like Tal”, you’ll get the RCA premium video “Playing for a win” by GM Maxim Dlugy for FREE.

play-like-tal (1)

<<Get them now>>

Special Offer-3:

Also, if you purchase the Premium Video “Killer Dragon”, you’ll get the RCA premium video “Chess Opening Disasters” by IM Alex Kundin for FREE.

killer-dragon (1)

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Special Offer-4:

That’s not all, I’ve another cool thing to tell you – if you purchase both Premium videos (Play like Tal and Killer Dragon) during the offer period (i.e. from today until June 24th), you’ll get an additional 25% discount on any RCA course (LINK) of your choice OR any Premium video (LINK), by me of your choice! 🙂

We’ll contact you (at the e-mail address used for your purchase) to provide you with these special additional offer.


I hope that you really like all these bonuses. So, don’t miss this great opportunity! 🙂

Finally, I’d like to mention a little technical note about these courses: since the courses are very large in size (about 1 GB), we have split the files to make it easy and convenient for you to download and study them.

In case that you buy “Play like Tal”:


  • No. of DVD – 2
  • No. of files to Download – 2


In case if you buy “Killer Dragon”:


  • No. of DVD – 2
  • No. of files to Download – 4


You can find more information about how to decompress split zip files in the FAQ section here: LINK In case that you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact our Support Department here: LINK

P.S. Don’t miss this great chance of getting these high-quality chess lessons with a massive discount and bonuses. Good luck, talk to you soon! 🙂



<<Get the course now>>

Comments: 8

Comments 8

  1. thankyu igor for this valuable response i really enjoyed the dvd play like Tal .but i haddont seen the killer dragon dvd yet .i was busy in understanding the endgame expert .i am really experiencing problem in planning and endgame.could you please help mei??i had problem in aaplying the rules pratically.

  2. You may want to watch once again the video lessons 2 and 3 from the course “An Endgame Expert”. Actually, there are only 2 main plans in an endgame, even though in practice it’s not always that straightforward.

    Also I would recommend that you perform the tasks from the practical part. Some of the students don’t want to put much efforts on it, but in fact it’s essential.

    Good luck! 🙂

    1. Thankyu so much Igor I will try to perform practical task from the course. And I also had problems in your winning plan course. It’s practical part to hard to understand could you make a bonus lessons of that course?? Thanks in advance. And one more- what is the refutation of King s gambit from black point of view??

  3. I have big problem to open you course that I already download and paid !
    This is the second time that happen to me.

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