How to create a solid plan in challenging/passive positions?

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Planning is one of the most important skills in chess. But how do we create a solid plan in a challenging or passive position? What should we do when our opponent is attacking? Should we just defend and play passively? Well, defending is not a part of our plan. Honestly, we don’t want to defend; we want to attack!

Today, our guest coach, IM Valeri Lilov, will teach you how to think during passive positions and create a solid plan, by showing you an amazing blitz game played by Garry Kasparov in the Sicilian Najdorf.

In this instructive video lesson, you’ll learn the importance of space advantage and how it complements practical planning. You’ll learn how to think about each piece in terms of what they will do in a longer run. You can watch the video below:


1) Structure is based on the amount of space, piece activity and coordination.
2) Try to think of a sequence of moves when developing/improving your pieces instead of one move – think of the scope of your pieces in the long run.
3) Calculation is only necessary in tactical situations. In most cases, we just want to evaluate the risk.

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P.S. Did you like this lesson from Lilov? 🙂 What do you think about him? Please write your thoughts in the comments below.

how to analyze chess games

Comments: 3

Comments 3

    1. dear sir caerlsen crushes caruana in the lsat isle man of international round bight hit by an opening last round what are your thought about king magnus??

  1. nopes i dont enjoy the lessons he goes very fast and doesnot explains the stratergies behind the moves we have to understand by ourself please engage somenone else.thanks a lot.and what do you thin k of islem an of international gwain jones playing with caruana lost in 23 moves.

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