Puzzles 2.0 – Improve Your Tactics and Visualization Skills!

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Solving chess puzzles are a lot of fun, but also an excellent tool to improve one’s game. Amongst other skills, it helps you improve your calculation, your creativity and the understanding of the subtleties of a position.

What if the puzzles were not only the classical “mate in 2 or 3,” but a middlegame position one, where one of the colors can turn the tables in one move?

Well, now you can study the course “Puzzles 2.0”, by Dan Heisman.

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About the Author

Dan Heisman is a United States Chess Federation National Master, author and instructor. He is the two-time Open Chess Champion of Philadelphia (1973 and 1976), and the Philadelphia Invitational Chess Champion (1973). His Penn State team won the U.S. Amateur Team Championship in 1972. He is rated over 2200 by both the United States Chess Federation and FIDE.

About the Course – Puzzles 2.0

The course’s run time is about 13 hours and it will help you improve your tactical sense, your visualization skills, and your general understanding of the game; all the things that ultimately will boost your rating!

There are 4 types of puzzles:

  • Move and win
  • Is the move safe?
  • Find the right plan
  • Miscellaneous ‘fancy’ puzzle

To celebrate the release of this course, we’re providing you with a really massive 50% discount. Use the coupon “puzzles50” – it’s a limited-period offer and will be valid only till Sunday, 24 November (inclusive). If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here. Get the course now!

P.S. I’m sure you would have come across thousands of chess puzzles and solved a lot of them. Which one is your most favorite? Please let me know in the comments below why. Also, if any one of you geniuses have composed a puzzle yourself, share ’em too! 🙂


Comments: 6

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