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Before we kick things off, let me answer one VERY common question. After I announced the new course, our support zone got bombarded by a lot of questions. The most common one is this:

“I already have your course … (“The GM’s Secrets” etc). Does your new course (about calculation) contain similar lessons?”

Most of my previous courses were about strategy (understanding, planning, principles etc). Yes, I’ve touched on tactics too, but that was rather brief.

That’s why I’ve decided to fill in this gap, and to develop a new course that shifts the spotlight on tactics and calculation. There we will:

Analyze these aspects of chess in MUCH greater details.
You’ll learn a lot of NEW techniques.
You’ll learn ADVANCED skills that titled players use.
And more…

So if you studied some of my previous courses already, then this new course will bring your skill to a whole NEW LEVEL. You have a solid and deep enough understanding for studying new and more advanced techniques.

Moreover, I do NOT recommend my new course to those who have NOT studied my strategic courses (“The Grandmaster’s Secrets” or “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding”).

Chess is a strategic game. You need to have a deep understanding of chess fundamentals BEFORE you can move on to more advanced facets of the game.

By the way, this is a great delusion of those people who suggest that amateur players should focus on tactical puzzles. It’s like trying to learn words without knowing letters.


At the same time, perhaps you are excited about the new course. Plus, during first few days of the release, there will be a special price for my regular students. 🙂

Probably you don’t want to miss it, even if you haven’t studied my previous courses yet! I have thought about it, and I can offer you a solution.

At the time of a new course’s release, I’ll set a discounted price for my strategic chess training courses (mentioned above). You’ll get the NEW course + a STRATEGIC course, and get a special price for both.

I’m sure this will please everybody. 🙂


In the past, I used to publish the RESULTS of my students. Then I somehow stopped doing this. It’s not because there the success stories have run dry! 🙂 Quite the contrary, there are A LOT!

I just didn’t want to bother you with similar stories, but probably I was wrong. Sometimes we all experience problems; and our results are not as good as we expected. It’s during those times that it’s important not to lose your ENTHUSIASM!

It’s very helpful to know how other people overcame similar difficulties. This reaffirms that YOU CAN do the same!

Hello Mr. Smirnov. I just wanted to tell you, I have been using your “The GM Secrets Course” for a few weeks now, and I am absolutely amazed with it.

My performance has now gone all the way up, and I am beating opponents that I used to struggle with a lot…



Hi GM Igor Smirnov,

My name is Marcos, Brazilian, Engineer and I am an amateur chess player.
The intention of this message is to provide you a feedback about the chess course “The Grandmaster Secrets”.

I did not complete the whole course yet, because I am studying the lessons very slowly but with good focus only on the Quality (not the Quantity). Attached you can find some concrete results:
Almost 400 rating points gained in the Internet Blitz
73 points (ELO Fide) gained with the 1st prize of a Classic Chess Tournament (9 rounds).

Now I am on my way to complete the Tactical Tasks of the course, and I believe that I going to improve continuously!

Thank you very much!


To top it off, here’s a task for you from the current USA Championship:

Your task is NOT to play Nbd4. 🙂 On a more serious note, you should find the best move for White and calculate its consequences.

After that download the solution here: LINK


P.S. The new course about tactics and calculation will become available very soon! Around May 18 to 20, so stay tuned.

Comments: 68

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  1. Igor, I already have all your courses. I admit to watching the video parts of them all but only doing the practical part of The Grandmaster’s Secrets. Indeed, I haven’t even finished this yet. Just when I thought I had completed it, I realised that you had saved the most work to the last few parts. 🙂
    However, I have still managed to increase my strategic understanding. Are you recommending me to get this course or not?

  2. In fact there’s no end.
    I imagine in January 2035 : hello i’m Igor Smirnov .Here my 94thchess course. This time you will really understand chess..

    1. We wish that,because chess is a very very deep game,and we learn from chess new things every single day….This is the reason for the beauty,splendor and magnificence the chess…

  3. Well, chess is a very deep game, with a great deal to learn. Smirnov’s courses are excellent and have improved my game a lot; frankly I wouldn’t mind if there were several more produced. Pound for pound these courses are vastly superior to most of the chess books I’ve seen, and there are many thousands of different chess books – surely a few more video courses won’t hurt.

    1. I agree with you, all the lessons are excellent.
      I say simply that every lesson necessite to buy the others and it seems that there is not end.
      That will not prevent me buying them!! I’m a chess teatcher and Igor mades a great job.
      Cheaper than to buy books? Already 7 ( good) courses 100 dollars each !
      Sorry for my bad english.

  4. Thanks very much,I still wish we regular students very very special price,Please our teacher GM Igor Smirnov….

  5. my 8 year old son is a clever chess can i improve his chess learning?please help me.thank you.

    1. I recommend you buy GM Smirnov’s “Grandmaster Secrets”. In this course, he explains the basic ideas and strategies. The explanations are very good. Goodluck!

  6. I found the move h4, but after …h6 or g6 anyway white has to play Nbd4, what do you think, I dont know

    1. Freddy. I think after H4, If Black takes Knight with pawn. Then white can conduct a variation of the Greek( or Greco) Gambit. eg BxH7

  7. i am not able to open the solution file from the above link. I have downloaded file game89.pgn. Do i need some software to open it ?

  8. Moving one pawn, You may reach victory.
    I mean, every drop compounds sea.
    So don’t hesitate to make a little help to others!

  9. When I bought previous courses, I couldnt download them effectivly and you kindly resent them to my email inbox. I appreciated that but it inhibits me from buyinf future courses. If I do , can you do the same thing again if it becomes necessary? Thank you.

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