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In the previous lesson, we discussed about how a chess player usually thinks during a chess game. To be more precise, we learnt how a player thinks about a particular position when the position is bit unclear and/or his position ‘seems’ to be bad. For instance, we saw how grandmasters and world class players like Kasparov gave up, and resigned in a position where they had some chances to recover. If you missed that lesson, you can find it here – Don’t Give Up too Early in Chess!!

Note: We apologize for the audio/sound of Manuel Ocantos (video author) being low in the video – some of you had said that it is not audible. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will take this into account for future lessons.

Most importantly, at the end of the lesson, in the conclusion part, Manuel Ocantos listed some points that would help one to identify the cause for such situations – i.e. whether you resigned/gave up because any of the following reasons:

  • Is it a lack of ending knowledge?
  • Is it a tactical error?
  • Is it a misevaluation of a position?
  • Is there more than one reason for this? If so, which?

garry kasparov surprised reactionIt is very important to do this analysis, see where you’re lagging, need to improve, and then rectify it, or at least don’t make the same mistake again. We discussed about them in that lesson with practical examples, where even top grandmasters (any chess player) can make fundamental errors when judging a position.

How to overcome this?

When thinking about this, a guest author decided to help us. He said that he will teach YOU to identify such causes, and most importantly, how to think the RIGHT way. Could you guess who he is? I think it’s too hard for you, because this is the first time this author is collaborating with us. He is none other than Dan Heisman, USCF National Master!

About Dan Heisman

Dan is an award-winning chess author and full-time chess instructor in Wynnewood PA. He is a US Chess Federation National Master (NM) and a FIDE Candidate Master (CM). Dan will always try to make time for a new student, and can often answer brief questions from students. He is the two-time Open chess champion of Philadelphia (1973 and 1976), and the Philadelphia Invitational Chess Champion (1973).
Dan HeismanHe has authored for 12 books and also won a couple of awards for “Columnist”; he is the first person to win three Chess Journalists of America First Place Awards in one year (2001-02).

About the Course

As I have mentioned above, this course is about the RIGHT way of thinking, by learning from the WRONG thinking – the errors that every chess player must avoid during a chess game. I’ll keep the title of the course a surprise, but for now I can reveal another cool information. 😊 The course belongs to our partner, Internet Chess Club (ICC). And the course will be released this Tuesday, 18 June!

Comments: 8

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