RCA Next Course About the Trompowsky Attack

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It would be really cool to catch our opponents off guard in the game of chess. How great it would to have a surprise weapon! And to surprise your opponent in the very beginning of the game – the opening stage. Yes, I’m talking about surprising them with a special opening weapon.
Trompowsky AttackA few days ago, we published a video lesson about the opening “The Trompowsky Attack”, which is a popular alternative for White after 1.d4 Nf6. We learnt how the opening is like a side-line, which can be used from time to time, especially in rapid and blitz games, and how it deviates from the Indian defenses. If you haven’t checked it out, you can watch the video lesson here – “The Trompowsky Attack Played by Julian Hodgson

Yes, it is definitely an opening (the secret weapon) that can be very useful for you to include it in your opening repertoire as a surprise weapon. That’s why we have planned to release a course about it. 😊

RCA Course About the Trompowsky Attack

The course belongs to our partner, ICC, and GM Boris Alterman, Israeli chess Grandmaster, and renowned author, is one of the authors of the course. He started playing chess at the age of 7. His career highlights include earning the IM title in 1991, and the GM title in 1992. He is the winner of several Open and GM tournaments.

GM Boris AltermanGM Boris Alterman

About the Trompowsky Attack

The opening is named after the Brazilian champion Octávio Trompowsky. The Trompowsky has also been called The Zot. Julian Hodgson and Antoaneta Stefanova are among several grandmasters who often employ the Trompowsky.

World Champion Magnus Carlsen has occasionally employed the Trompowsky, notably in the first game of the 2016 World Chess Championship against Sergey Karjakin.

All in all, you can definitely have this opening in your opening repertoire as a secret weapon! 😊



Comments: 7

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