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There are two types of sacrifices: correct ones and mine”, said Mikhail Tal, one of the greatest masters of sacrifices in chess. While most of us can understand that a sacrifice finishes a game in a few moves (with checkmate or material advantage), giving material (sacrificing) without getting an instant reward is something that very strong players dare to do. On the other hand, not incorporating this amazing tool severely limits you as a player.

In our recent video lessons, “Brilliant Positional Queen Sacrifice – Defying Chess Engines!” and “Leela Zero vs Stockfish – Redefining Exchange Sacrifice!”, we saw sacrifices that are really deep, and involve a long-term understanding. To be precise, such sacrifices demands a great positional understanding of the game. That’s why they are called positional sacrifices.

I am very happy to inform you that our next course is based on this topic. The name of the course is “How to Find Positional Chess Sacrifices” and it is authored by our guest coach (and also the favourite for most of the RCA students) IM Asaf Givon.

In this course, you will learn the different types of positional sacrifices, one of them being the positional exchange sacrifice (as we saw in the video lesson “Leela vs Stockfish” above), where we will focus on games from the great player and former world champion Tigran Petrosian, who was arguably the father of the positional exchange and whose games are not only instructive, but also very aesthetic to see.

The course will be released on Monday, 14 October! How excited are you? 😊 Please let me know in the comments below.


Comments: 16

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