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In recent times many of my students had requested for me to provide them (and also you) with instructive video lessons. As some of you might know, I’ve a busy schedule and that’s why I was not able to prepare video lessons regularly for you. However, I’m doing my best to coordinate with our guest coaches and give you high quality lessons.

Meanwhile, in an effort to fulfil the requests of some of my students I’ve decided to do something special. I’m providing everyone with an opportunity to get some of my best collection of premium videos, the “GM Smirnov’s Bundle” for FREE! 🙂

Yes, we’re conducting a “Like and Comment“ contest on our RCA Facebook page. So how does this contest work and how do you participate to get my premium video collection for FREE?

About the contest

The contest rules are very simple. All you need to do is:

1) ‘Like’ and ‘comment’ on the Contest Post
2)  Send us a private message (to our RCA Facebook page)
3) And, get “GM Smirnov’s Bundle” for FREE!
rca facebook contestNote: if you don’t know how to send us a private message on Facebook, you’re welcome to check the FAQ here.

What’s a Contest Post?

The Contest Post is like a message posted on our RCA Facebook page. For your convenience, we’ve pinned the post to the top of our page, so you can easily find it on our Facebook page. Below is the screenshot of the Contest Post.
facebook contest post

All you need to do is ‘Like’ the Contest Post and ‘comment’ something like “I’m in!” to participate and then send us a private message on Facebook.

After sending us a message, our Support Team will reply to you and provide you with the prize, the “GM Smirnov’s Bundle” within 24 hours! 🙂 If you face any issues or have any doubts, feel free to report to us by writing in the comments below or by sending an email to [email protected]
rca facebook contest

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Let me inform you that “GM Smirnov’s Bundle” contains five of my premium videos:


1) The Art of endgame ($20)
2) How to win a won game? ($20)
3) Press your opponents like Carlsen ($20)
4) Play like Nakamura ($20)
5) The art of Defense in Chess


The Bundle price is $39 USD – so you get a prize that is really worth it by participating in this contest and that’s really, really MASSIVE! Moreover, all of these videos contain very useful information and they can really help you improve your chess progress. 🙂

Comments: 13

Comments 13

  1. dear igor smirnov sir thanlkyou so mch for this contest and this free give away webinars they are the gems of your hard work dear sir i have reached 2400 elo online by defeating ims and gms .what do you think ??is this a good performance?

    1. Congratulations, Ayush! That’s a good result for sure. Apart from the fact that it proves your progress, it also gives you more confidence (now you know that you CAN beat titled players!).

      At the same time, we have to keep in mind that internet rating is overrated compared to FIDE rating. My internet blitz rating is 3000 and FIDE is 2500. So, keep up your training! Next goal is to achieve 2400 FIDE!

      1. okk sir thankyou so much in there are very very strong oppponents like tal gller computer beta plays in their style you can also test your skills with past players.dear sir yesterday i saw your webinars of carlsen and nakamura i was just amazed what a fantastic style it was .

      2. sir how to achive fide 2400 because i will start to play for fide 2 months later.??my classical game rating on is 2392

      1. yeah it is on you need to signup for and then login and you can see my ranking on leaderboard list on the right hand side.der is a very fantastic and secret site you can play with any past or future oponent you want lasker morphy capa,tal etc.

  2. what do you think about the super gm tournaments and the asian championships that is going head to head this days.what do you think about world top players perfomances??and especially about india.thankyou.

  3. Igor, I will tell you something! You have covered everything about Chess now! No use dilly-dallying like this blog announcement!! The only way to make your website interesting is to arranbge Webinars from different coaches!

    For example You and Attilla Turzo explain Calculation in a different way! Try to bring in new coaches in Webinars to explain Chess in a new way even you DLONT KNOW!!
    Dont try to bring old wine in new bottle!!

    1. Hi,

      Chess improvement is everlasting journey. Just as you said, I love to keep learning something new for myself as well.

      I agree with you that new coaches can help you (and all other RCA students) expand their knowledge. That’s why nowadays we produce new courses with different authors.

      At the same time, I have to admit that finding GOOD authors is a very challenging task. I check and reject many candidates before I can find a coach who is both knowledgable and truly interested in helping people. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the final outcome. Btw new RCA course is in the final stage of development, and should be finalised soon!

      1. thankyou dear igor sir for this great responses you are doing your best in these days.dear sir please answer my question are great.

    2. dear eewootoa igor is doing his best he has saying the right things.dont doubt about igor sir he is one tof the best explainantors in the world.if you have doubt then you can take private coaching from him through skype

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