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We’ve some exciting news today – Remote Chess Academy (RCA) “Like and Win” Facebook contest is here now!


What is a “Like and Win” contest?


It is a Facebook contest (like an event) where participants can win amazing prizes by liking our Facebook page and the Facebook contest post. We’ve made a Facebook post about this contest on our Facebook page.
like pageThe corresponding links are given below:



How to participate?


The participation is very easy and completely FREE! All you have to do is like BOTH our Facebook page (if not done yet) and the Facebook contest post. You can find the screenshot of the contest post below:

facebook contestHow the winners will be chosen?


We’ll choose only two winners from those who have liked both our Facebook page and the contest post. And these two winners will be selected completely RANDOMLY.


We’ll contact the winners by sending a message in Facebook. In order for the winner to get the best out of this opportunity, we will need the winner’s cooperation. Find out more details here.




The two random winners will get the following prizes:


  • 1st winner – FREE one hour live session with me (Skype)
  • 2nd winner – an RCA course for FREE of your choice! 🙂


Once again, let me emphasize that it’s completely FREE to participate. Good luck! If you want to more about this contest, you may check the FAQ here or contact our Support Team

Comments: 16

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  1. “The winner will have to confirm his/her prize within 4 days of winning
    the prize ….”

    When does the clock start on the four days?

    1. We will contact the winner after they are chosen randomly via Facebook. He/she will have to respond within 4 days after they are contacted.
      Prasaadh | Support

      1. I guess you mean make sure you check your Facebook at least once every four days. I normally never use Facebook so I thought it would be easier just to know when the clock starts. I know nothing about Facebook, but I assume there’s no contact alert – that you can only know you’ve been contacted by going to your Facebook and visually observing whether you’ve been contacted. Is this correct?

        1. Hi George,
          You will get a notification on the top right hand side when you get a message in Facebook. Since we will not know the person’s e-mail from their facebook profile name the only way to contact them is through Facebook.

          We request you to check Facebook or you can turn on notification on your browser (whenever you get a message you will be notified on your browser without opening Facebook).
          Here is the link on how to do it (https://www.facebook.com/help/949954541709550?helpref=faq_content).

          Prasaadh | Support Officer

  2. The only thing I’d prefer is if it was a real contest, in a sense that participants would compete in something, and not just “winner chosen randomly”

    1. Thanks for your opinion. We had a contest like that called the crossword contest. We thought we will do something different this time.
      We will definitely consider doing more competitive contests in the future.

      Prasaadh | Support Officer

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