RCA Game Festival and Next webinar

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Recently, I made the announcement that we’ll be conducting our next game festival in the following days. As promised, I’m very happy to announce that the RCA game festival starts today! 🙂


What is a Game Festival?

Remote Chess Academy will be conducting a unique competition, where your skills in annotating your own game(s), and the ‘quality’ of your games played, will be judged.

Have you ever played a mind-blowing chess game that you will remember forever?

Then annotate that game yourself and send it to us – if we think that your game and your annotations are good, you’ll win awesome prizes! 🙂 The game can be an over-the-board (OTB) game or one that you played on the Internet.

You can find more info. about the contest and rules here: LINK


Let me ask you a question – how can you play better in the middlegame and endgame?


Maybe you can develop your middlegame skills by having good knowledge of tactical and strategic ideas and by having a good planning and thinking system.

But then comes the endgame – the so-called ‘ocean’. Indeed, it is an ocean and there are many things about the endgame that one should learn. As the great Capablanca says:


In order to improve your game, you must study the endgame before everything else”.

Moreover, as I used to say – what matters is the QUALITY of your learning and not the QUANTITY.


Therefore, you just have to learn the key ideas or, in other words, the essentials of middlegame and endgame play.

To discuss this, we have a new member of the RCA team. 🙂 I am happy to announce that we have one more Grandmaster in our team of webinar presenters – our new guest coach GM Levan Aroshidze.


Additionally, he will be making his debut for RCA next Saturday. GM Levan Aroshidze will host the webinarEndgame and Middlegame Essentials” on Saturday 18 April at 3 p.m. GMT (check timings here: LINK).

You can find more info. about the webinar and sign up by clicking the image below:


<<Join the webinar now>>

P.S. I’ll be announcing more info. about the game contest very soon. There is also something interesting! 🙂 Therefore, stay tuned and get our updates.
Comments: 16

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  1. Dear Igor ,I want to purchase 2 of your webinars I tried to d o it so but the transactions failed all the time?? What is the reason for that ? Please help mei?

  2. okkk thankyu so much sir.i am trying to pay with debit card but the trasactions are not happening???please help??this is saying like this=This credit card has been refused by the bank that issued it. For
    details on why your card was refused, please contact your credit card
    issuer’s Customer Service department. Please enter a different card.

    1. Hi Aseem,

      The games are currently not published. Once we publish them on a new blog post – you will be able to vote.

      Best regards,
      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

  3. Hello igor, sir who is your coach at the age of 13 when you are international master and how do you find such a good coach??

    1. Hi Yash,
      I’ve trained with a local coach Murashko from my city, but you don’t know him anyway 🙂 Of course I’ve learnt something from all the coaches I was trained by, but frankly I’ve been struggling finding a good coach. It’s one of the reasons I became the coach myself after all 🙂

      1. Dear Igor I want to know how carlsen thinos during tournaments games his thoughts process thakui in advance.

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