RCA Game Festival Stage-2

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As I informed you before, stage-1 of our Game Festival (LINK) went by in a great manner. Guess what? 🙂 We’re moving forward – we’ve selected the top-10 games that have qualified for stage-2!



I’d like to congratulate the winners (of stage-1) for establishing their annotating skills in this event. I’d also like to confirm that the other participants (almost everyone) made a good job of annotating their games – no doubt about that.

For those who did not qualify for stage-2, you need not worry at all. After all, you gave your BEST and made the contest healthy. Moreover, we’ll conduct these kinds of contests regularly! 🙂

Therefore, you may now start improving your game standard to the next level by studying our courses (LINK), premium videos (LINK) and our FREE video lessons (LINK), and prepare yourself for the next contest.



I wish you good luck in advance. 🙂

Anyway, let’s move forward to stage-2. As you may know, according to the rules of the contest (LINK) these top-10 games will be listed for voting. And based on the number of votes that each game receives, we’ll announce the winners!



The players (who have qualified for stage-2) and their games are listed below:

  • Player: Radja – click here to watch the game and vote: LINK
  • Player: Bello, D – click here to watch the game and vote: LINK
  • Player: Bello, J – click here to watch the game and vote: LINK
  • Player: Djema – click here to watch the game and vote: LINK
  • Player: Shilko – click here to watch the game and vote: LINK
  • Player: Aseem – click here to watch the game and vote: LINK
  • Player: Ram – click here to watch the game and vote: LINK
  • Player: Rascon – click here to watch the game and vote: LINK
  • Player: Jonathan – click here to watch the game and vote: LINK
  • Player: Joshua – click here to watch the game and vote: LINK

As I said before, almost anyone can vote – even those who did not qualify for stage-2, and RCA students.

So if you think that any of the above-mentioned players has played the BEST game and with good annotations, you can cast your vote for them! 🙂

Note: we’ll close the voting in about two weeks. The exact date will be announced on our Social Media pages – Facebook page: LINK Twitter: LINK Google Plus page: LINK. Therefore, you may follow our updates there.

How to vote?

If you click any of the above game links, you’ll see the chess board and the game. And you’ll find a ‘Like’ button right below the game. (Please see the image below as an example.)



All you need to do is click that ‘Like’ button to cast your vote for the game. 🙂

P.S. Something interesting will happen this month. Stay tuned! 🙂
Comments: 18

Comments 18

  1. Woot! Made it to the final 10! I was quite proud of my annotations … but now that I look at what some others have done, wow, the bar has really been raised. Well, regardless of the final results, good luck everyone; games look awesome.

  2. You’ve done a good job in submitting your games, guys! I’m pleased to see such deep and proper annotations.
    Good luck in the competition! Don’t forget to vote for your own game 🙂 and ask your friends to do the same 🙂

    1. Dear Igor, you say that Daniel king is approach is lazy in chess but he promoted chess a lot by his power play shos and DVDs every month I had watched his shows and dvds and he tries to expalin chess .in those DVDs???

  3. Very interesting and diverse games, and the TOP WINNERS should go to the best annotated game and not because of something else. Of course, GM Smirnov and his RCA team will be on top of it !

  4. This looks like an easy draw, but it woudn’t be the first time I missed something. After 1…Kd7, 2.h6 Ng5 3.Kxg5 Ke7, White has to either allow Black’s king into the corner, or allow his own king to be trapped in front of his pawn.

    1. Hi Tushar,

      It was not against the rules. We allowed all friends of the participants to vote.

      Best regards,
      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

  5. Dear igor,schliman gambit which is popularized by rajyabov breaks strategic principles a lot .so why grandmasters like Sam Collins and Simon Williams make chessbase DVD on that??

  6. Hmm thanks dd, the DVD knowledge is theoretical knowledge and it doesn’t help I practical games. I bileive.

  7. I don’t want to critisize some particular authors. Instead, I can expose my opinion about it in general.

    1) There are a lot of strong players in the world. Unfortunately when it comes to coaching:

    – Some of them don’t have a real desire to teach you something (they just make money out of it).
    – Some do not have coaching skills. They can play well, but can’t explain how they do it.

    In either case, DVDs produced by such players are rather superficial, and you can hardly learn from them.

    2) Finding a good author/coach/DVD is hard. Anyway I’ve already started doing this for you. Over the last months I’ve observed a lot of DVDs and will share the best ones with you soon.

  8. Thankyu so much igor for this wonder full reply .I am very sae that my proges s is stopped Dye to the fact that I can’t buy your course and recent webinars. Please suggest me I what I do??

  9. If you experience some technical problems while placing an order, please, contact our support team, and they will help you: [email protected]

    In general, you either need to register a PayPal account or go to a bank and create a Visa/Master card. Again, please, contact our support team directly for any extra instructions: [email protected]

  10. request ed you for updating the course unlock ing gm mind which is made by dlugy but you only included bonus pack on that and the 5 video lessons that is made by dlugy remains unchanged?? Why you don’t change that??

  11. Hi Ayush,

    Since some students did not understand the course explaination from GM Dlugy, GM Igor Smirnov explained the concept in a bonus and added some important content.

    Best regards,
    Silvestras | Student Support Officer

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