RCA Next Course Will Be Decided by You!

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I hope the year 2019 has started well for you. We sure want to make this year great for you – and that’s why we in RCA regularly ask for your thoughts and value them. It’s that time again – we’re planning to create a new chess course, but haven’t decided on the topic yet. Because we want to give it up to you – you get to choose the topic and the author of the course!

Please let me know YOUR needs and wishes. Then we’ll be able to create really useful and suitable lessons for you! To make the process simple and effective, we have already asked our candidate authors to provide their favourite topics. Therefore, it will be easier for them to teach you the same. They are:

  • GM Sergey Kasparov
  • IM Asaf Givon
  • IM Valeri Lilov
  • IM Mateusz Kolosowski
  • FM Marko Makaj
  • Mato Jelic

We’ve prepared a small survey (it has only 5 questions) and you can finish it within a few minutes. In this survey, we have mentioned the potential authors of this upcoming course, and you can choose the topic(s) that you want to learn from your favourite author. Thanks for your participation in advance!

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Comments: 1

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