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In the previous lesson, we learnt some important tips to defend a position from a strong attack. While attacking is great, no player is complete without having good overall skills, and this definitely includes defending. That’s why we’ve been preparing a new course about this topic.

The title of the course is “10 Keys to Defense” and it will be released on Friday, 15 January. We’re not just going to throw all the ideas about defense in this course. Instead, it’s going to be a comprehensive course which will teach you the PRACTICAL skills needed to defend successfully so that you can use them in your own games.

Also, this time we’re collaborating with a new and a much respected author. Do you have sharp eyes? No, I’m not going to ask you to find tactics, but rather the author of the course from the below e-cover:

10 Keys to Defense chess course

Can you guess who the author of the course is? Comment your thoughts below. 😊

Comments: 4

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