Remote Chess Academy: new and improved

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As we mentioned in the Remote Chess Academy (RCA) Facebook page and as you may have noticed, the RCA site is new and improved now – it is more responsive and user-friendly! 🙂

desktop and laptop

RCA Home page in Laptop/Desktop


What’s new?

Here are the major improvements we’ve made:


1. The RCA website ( will work on ALL devices (mobile, tablet, etc.). Hence, you will be able to use and explore our site (for instance, read the blog-posts or purchase our courses) on any device.

2. It has an easier purchasing process – you will not have to create an account to buy a product.

desktop and laptop

RCA Home page in mobile



Our site might not have functioned during the ‘migration’, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. But any good change takes time, right? 🙂

If you have any doubts or suggestions, please, feel free to write them in the comments below or send them to [email protected] Also, please share your experience about browsing the RCA site in your other device(s).


To finish this article, let me give you a small task.

It’s White’s turn in the above position. Black just blundered 55.Nxa2?? Can you find a way to punish Black? After calculating all possible variations, you may see what happened in the game below:

P.S. Great news – we’ll release a new course soon! A popular guest author is collaborating with me, guess who?

Quick success in chess

Comments: 24

Comments 24

    1. Hi George,
      While our website is mobile friendly. Still you need a windows computer to download the courses and study them. Since they contain practical parts and exercise which requires a computer. We are working on Online Training Platform to make it available on all devices.

      Prasaadh | Support Officer

      1. The new courses are finally in MP4 format which finally enables proper playback on phones, and most reading materials is easily readable on the phone. BUT, ebooks, for some unknown reason, are STILL in .exe format which is not only suspicious (may be mistaken for a virus), but also highly incompatible with other operating systems. You must understand that if you use Windows, that doesn’t mean your students use them too, and therefore they shouldn’t be forced to do so in order to make use of your courses. Get a solution that is cross-platform to ensure compatibility with as many devices as possible.

        1. Hi Jakov,
          Thanks for you suggestions. They are valid. Currently, our technical team is still working on the Online Training Platform which will allow the use any device to view the courses. So stay tuned.

          Prasaadh | Support

        2. Hi Jakov,

          Thanks for your ideas!

          Which format would you prefer for ebooks?

          How about the games in the practical part? Which format would you suggest for cross-platform compatibility?

          P.S. It’s hard to satisfy everyone, because different students ask for different things. Anyhow, we consider your ideas seriously and will strive to apply them.

          1. Ebooks can be easily resolved with the PDF or .epub formats which are compatible with 99% percent of operating systems that people use. For now, I’d go with PDF, since it’s a familiar and fairly easy-to-use document format. You can create navigation bars in PDF files to navigate through the course summary (or syllabus, whatever that’s called) so you won’t have to compromise on that part.

            About the practical part, I think there’s no need for change since there are a handful of chess programs (on operating systems other than Windows) that support the PGN format perfectly fine.

            Summary: ebooks -> PDF or .epub (I’d go with PDF)
            practical part -> no changes needed

          2. Thanks again for your suggestions Jakov!

            Your ideas for text files make perfect sense.

            Is it convenient to use PGN files on Mac computer (iOS)? I know there are many pgn viewers, but I never tried it myself in iOS. Do you have such experience?

            P.S. Sorry for my late reply. I wanted to finalise all my lessons for the new course 🙂

          3. It’s fine, take your time.

            iOS is used on iPhones, and yes, there are apps like Analyze This that handle PGNs perfectly fine. I’ve never used a Mac, so I can’t be completely sure on that one, but I think that it should have no problems with PGNs. Linux and OS X are similar in a way and therefore, I’m more than sure that there are chess programs that can run under OS X. A lot of people use or for analysis anyways (which are very PGN-friendly), because often they cannot afford software like ChessBase.

            I really recommend you to take a look at lichess once in a while. It’s completely free and has a lot of cool features 🙂

          4. Hi Jakov,

            Thanks again for all your hints!

            I’ll need to check it with my IT team as well. Anyway, all the ideas seems good, and I hope to implement them for future courses.

  1. Congratulations and further progress … and thanks for our great teacher GM Igor Smirnov,,,by the way..very instructive puzzle…

  2. While the new website looks good to an extent, it’s still broken in many aspects (months have passed since I reported some things and they’re still not sorted out 😉 ) and full of unnecessary plugins (ads if I may say) which needlessly slow the whole site.

  3. oustanding dear igor sir i just loved are great teacher.dear sir i have been competiting with the world on and my overall ranking is 1200.i just draw with a 2200 rated player yesterday

      1. okk sir no problem sir please make a course on secrets of super gms ..technique of world top players where igor analysizes game of only 2500 to 2800 players and explain us

          1. tomorrow i beat a grandmaster 2500 + and i draw with 2 2000 players sir what do ou think igor sir??i have played 200 games and won 180 games

  4. This webpage is a great opportunity for chessfriends who want to improve their skills. However, I have a program with downloading of the purchased bundle of GM’s Openings Laboratory, 3 in 1, from which I could only download the first part. The download of the further parts I had to postpone because of a journey, and when I returned, I ran out of time. I wrote already two letters to the given addresses but recieved no answer at all. Does the RCA even exist at all at present time? Or what happened? All this is very vexing.
    Can anybody help me?

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