RCA Student Karthik stuns GM Roman Edouard

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2015 has been a great year for most of the RCA students. There is no doubt about that! Many students have shared their success stories with us in recent times – students defeating titled players, gaining more than 100 rating points, winning tournaments and so on.


I’d like to list them:



…and following that, another RCA student, V. Ap Karthik, took part in the recent FIDE Open in the London Chess Classics. And, he defeated GM Roman Edouard in the second round, who is rated more than 300 points above him!

Karthik V. Ap Me and V. Ap Karthik

First, let me congratulate Karthik with such awesome achievement! Gaining a victory against a 2600+ GM, who is 300 rating points ahead, is something very memorable! 🙂


Karthik finished with an impressive rating performance of 2530 with 6.0 points out of 9 rounds. Besides his victory of GM Edouard, he held two more GMs to draw, and defeated an IM. You can find his performance in the tournament here.


Moreover, Karthik’s impressive victory over GM Edouard was discussed in ChessBase India’s article at the end of the third round. And, I’d like to share that article with you. 🙂


Karthik stuns Edouard

by Priyadarshan Banjan – 06 December 2015


In the FIDE Open, the day’s play witnessed double rounds, and all Indians performed well. While Tania Sachdev stumbled to a draw in the second round and Vishnu Prasanna was forced to repeat positions in the third round,  V. Ap Karthik posted an upset victory over French GM Roman Edouard who is rated more than 300 points above him.

FIDE Open 2015

The playing arena for the FIDE Open

FIDE Open 2015

GM Vishnu Prasanna, IM Swayams Mishra, IM Crg Krishna and V. Ap Karthik


Karthik V. Ap

V. Ap Karthik (2310) has scored 2.5/3


The Indian star of the day was young Karthik who decimated higher rated French GM Romain Edouard (2627). In the third round, he held IM Jeorge Wegerle (2440) to a draw.


Over the years, Karthik has been steadily progressing and is a talent to watch out in the Indian circle.


Karthik was Black here and clearly better. What do you think about 27…Nd4?


Black played 27… Nd4 to which the French grandmaster played 28. c3, when Karthik replied 28…Nxb3 29. cxb4 Nxd2 30. Nxd2 Qxd3 31. Nf1 cxb4. Black has a rook and three pawns for two knights, and of course, is completely winning.


You can check the whole game with annotations here.


Additionally, Karthik shared a similar ‘success story’, where he shared first place in a tournament with 3 GMs, last year also! You can find that article here.


Finally, I’d like to say that I’m very delighted to see such amazing performances by the RCA students regularly. These speak for the QUALITY information of our courses and lessons! 🙂


And, if you have your own story, please, share it with us by contacting us. We’ll be glad to publish it in our site and other students will be very happy to see such information.


P.S. Stay tuned as we will reveal some hot news about our upcoming course in the following days. 🙂
Comments: 2

Comments 2

  1. its just awesome karthikeyan had beaten grandmasters above his elo points.it just fantastic .dear igor your support to students like us is very outstanding thankyu for this site and your high quality lessons.

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