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I’m very excited today, as I’m going to share with you the “hot news” from Remote Chess Academy. Before that, let me inform you that recently I conducted a webinar “Play like Nakamura” on 30 May (LINK).


I’m glad for those who took part in the event. 🙂 Because one of my students (and also one of the members of the RCA team) attended the webinar, too. His name is Hariharan and he really learnt some new ideas at my webinar.

Most importantly, Hari also participated in a tournament called “Metro District Selections” (LINK) in India the next day (31 May), was able to apply the knowledge that he learnt (from my webinar) and even won the tournament! 🙂 That’s really cool, isn’t it?


First, this is really awesome, and I’m passing my heartist congratulations to Hariharan. You can see Hari receiving his tournament prize (Hari is the one on the left side) below:


Secondly, Hariharan has also sent me a message and has shared his wonderful experience with me. Therefore, I’ve decided to share this amazing information with you. 🙂

Yesterday, I won a Tournament – a day Rapid Tournament Open section. Thanks to your Saturday’s webinar. In an important round your counter-attack helped me to win that round. That game is an all-time favourite for me. In the same game I used your opening recommendation and he got into the opening trap, simply won the pawns; rest is using beating GM techniques from your course”.

– Hariharan S Pillai


It’s really a nice feeling when there is proof that the BEST training methods always give you GOOD results! I’m also very glad for the other students who attended my webinar. I’d like to convey my congratulations to them for their success in advance. 🙂


For those who did not attend my webinar “Play like Nakamura”, you can still get it here: LINK

Also, as Hari himself mentioned in his message, if you haven’t yet studied my course “How to Beat Titled Players” (LINK), I recommend you to do so now, because I’ve discussed a topic which is closely related to the one in the above-mentioned webinar. Therefore, studying both my webinar and the course will boost your performance even more!

how to beat titled players

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Moreover, Hari applied the knowledge of “counter-attack” in a crucial round and won it. So, why can’t YOU do the same as well? 🙂 Yes, it’s time to master the art of counter-attack in chess – you may also study the webinar “The Art of Counter Attack” by GM Vadim Milov here: LINK

If you’ve already studied all of them, then good for you – you’re already on the right track. You just have to implement the knowledge in YOUR games (just as Hari did). For this, I recommend you to study them once again, so that you can “remove the dust” from your precious knowledge and use it effectively! 🙂



  • Webinar: Play like Nakamura – LINK
  • Course: How to Beat Titled Players – LINK
  • Webinar: The Art of Counter Attack – LINK

Below is a position from Hariharan’s game:

Sridhar – Hariharan


Black to play

Black has a huge material advantage2 extra pawns. However, realization of your advantage is never easy; an opponent makes his best to counter-attack and mix the things up. For instance, White is ready to attack by pushing his h-pawn.

How would you play here as Black? After calculating all possible variations, you may check what Hari has played in his game (with my commentary) here: LINK

P.S. If you’ve studied any (or even all) of the above-mentioned webinars and course, please feel free to share your feedback with us. If you’ve also applied the ideas that you learnt in your games, you may also share those games, too. Contact us here: LINK



<<Get the course now>>

Comments: 4

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  1. Hi Support Team,
    I’m planning to get all RCA 2015 Webinars, but I can only add one to my cart “Play Like Nakamura”. How can see and add other 2015 webinars (like How to handle opposite side castling?, Endgame and Middlegame Essentials, Chess Talent at a Young Age and many more) to my cart. Please help the soonest possible.

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