RCA YouTube Live Stream + the Power of the Bishop Pair

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I am happy to announce that the Remote Chess Academy (RCA) will conduct its first ever live streaming on the RCA YouTube Channel. The live streaming will happen on Thursday, 11 June at 2 pm UTC (check timings here). Our guest coach, IM Valeri Lilov, will be conducting this event and he will be teaching you about “Planning in Chess”.

Planning in Chess

What Will You Learn?

The event will go for about an hour, and IM Lilov will be teaching you how to plan in chess and how to group your pieces to execute that plan. It will be an interactive session – Lilov will cover both the theory and practical examples. You can also ask Lilov your questions in the live chat section to which he will try to answer.

How to Join?

First, make sure you subscribe to the RCA YouTube Channel and press the ‘bell’ 🔔 icon to get notified. On Thursday (11 June) at 2 pm UTC, you will find the live video on the RCA YouTube Channel. Also for your convenience, we will post the link of the video here in this blog-post.

UPDATE: The live video is embedded below:

Finally, I would like to share with you our latest video lesson about the advantages of the bishop pair. Two bishops are always a nice weapon to have. In the following video lesson, the RCA guest coach, IM Asaf Givon, illustrates the advantage of having a bishop pair (the two-bishop advantage) with practical chess games played by himself and also from the former world chess champion Tigran Petrosian.

He explains how to play when one has the bishop pair – generally, the bishops are more powerful in endgames and open positions. Therefore, when you have a bishop pair in a closed position, you should try to open the position by means of pawn breaks to maximize the power of your bishop pair. Asaf also illustrates the other key principle of not exchanging the bishop(s) when you have a bishop pair.

Comments: 5

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