Release of Boleslavsky Pawn Structure

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Today our new course “Boleslavsky Pawn Structure” is released. Studying pawn structures is more fruitful than memorizing opening moves. This course teaches you deeply different ideas, maneuvering of pieces and both White’s and Black’s plans in one of the most played structures nowadays. The Boleslavsky Structure is present in countless defense and opening variations.

This is NOT a course about a specific opening, but a course to improve the general UNDERSTANDING of the game. The idea is that when you know a structure, you don’t care about the opening and, this is the big advantage! To know about structures is a flexible learning method, which teaches you to think rather than to memorize.

Boleslavsky Pawn Structure

Special Offers

To celebrate the successful launch of this course, we’re providing you with some really cool offers.

#Offer-1: You can get the course with a massive 40% discount, saving about $32 USD. You can use the coupon “bol40”. If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here. It’s a limited-period offer and will be valid only till Thursday, 4 June (inclusive).

#Offer-2: You can save $69 USD by adding to your structural understanding my 9 secret weapons that amateurs ignore systematically. You can get the combo “Boleslavsky Pawn Structure” + “The Secrets of Strong Players” for just $109 USD instead of $178!

<< Grab the offers now! >>

Finally, I also thought of giving you a sneak peek to the course. 😊 I’ve published the introduction video lesson to the course for you, in which I explain what exactly this pawn structure is about, the openings in which it arises, typical plans for White and Black, and much more. You can watch it below:

Comments: 349

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