Release of the chess course “Crushing the King”

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Today is the day – our new course “Crushing the King” is released! If you want to improve your attacking skills and boost your chances of success, then this course is for you.

Why attack?

chess attack
Attack is an art that every chess player should master. When we play a chess game it is very important to have the ability to start an attack in order to win the game. Many students have the problem in starting the attack and in the delivering of the final blow. They do not know how to provoke weaknesses in the position of the opponent’s King .

In this course I (Igor Smirnov) together with CM Tryfon will teach you the strategies and tactics of attacking. At the end of this course you will have all the necessary abilities and understanding in order to start a successful attack against an opponent of any level!



Is this course right for you?

The course is suitable for beginners and intermediate level players, but it will be helpful for advanced level players, too. Even if your ELO is 1900+, this course will help you improve your attacking skills and you’ll learn some new things.

Key topics covered in the course

  • Getting an attacking position out of the opening
    • Provoking weaknesses around the opponent’s King
      • King’s Safety Aspects – Spectator pieces
        • King’s safety aspects – King in the center
          • The King Hunt and securing mating nets
            • Centralised vs Spectator pieces
              • Forcing moves
                • How you can become a great attacker?
                  • How can you get an attacking position?
                    • Your practical guide

                      You can get this course with a huge 20% discount, saving about $20 USD. Simply use the coupon “crush20” when making the purchase. If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here. This is a limited-period offer: it will be valid from today till Friday, 3 Mar. (inclusive).

                      Moreover, if you’re among the first 75 buyers of “Crushing the King”, you’ll get a HUGE bonus – you’ll get our premium course “How to beat titled players?” completely FREE! 🙂 Let me remind you that the pre-registrants for the course were already informed about the course launch.  Therefore, the race to “first 75 buyers” has already begun.

                      launch offers

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                      Note: if you’re one of the first 75 buyers AND if you already own the course “How to beat titled players?”, you’ll be provided with a $59 USD gift voucher on RCA products.

                      Combo Offer

                      We’re also providing you with another great offer – “Master the art of Attack and Defense”! When one player attacks, another one defends. Learning both of these interconnected topics makes you a true master! You can get both of courses “Crushing the King” and “Defending Champion” and save $39 USD along the way!

                      Additionally, you can use the 20% discount coupon on this combo as well, saving further $19.8 USD (saving a total of almost $60 USD – that’s really massive, isn’t it?! :)) You can find and choose this ‘combo offer’ when you purchase the course “Crushing the King”.

                      combo offer

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                      P.S. Guys, after the study of the course, please write your impressions in the comments below. 🙂 It will be very interesting for me, as well as for all the other students, to hear your feedback. Thanks in advance!

                      Comments: 3

                      Comments 3

                          1. okk sir thanks fro your time dear igor my account of has been banned for playing mei they told mei that i play high quality moves with the help of computer which is completely wrong what i can do to prove this i have no fide give to fide.??

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