Release of the “Defending Champion” chess course

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The day has finally come – today we’ve released our new chess course “Defending Champion”! If you want to strengthen your defensive skills and stop losing games under pressure, then this course is for you.


As promised, we’re providing you with a massive 35% discount (save about USD $40) on this course. Simply use the coupon “defend35” when purchasing this course. If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here. This is a limited-period offer: it will be valid from today till Wednesday, 4 Jan. (inclusive).

Defending Champion chess course<<Grab the course now>>


Why defense?


Defense is a very important chess skill. In at least 50% of chess games, we need to defend. In some games, we play with the Black pieces and White makes the first move; for that reason, White has the opportunity to start the attack/initiative. On some other occasions, one will make a mistake and be forced to defend. Thus, defense is as important as attack.


Many players struggle to get out of hard positions and they crumble under pressure. If you study the course carefully, then you will be able to defend correctly against all level of players.


Is this course right for you?


This course is suitable for beginners and intermediate-level players, but it will be helpful for advanced players, too. Even if your ELO is 1900+, this course will help you improve your defensive skills and you’ll learn some new things.


Key topics covered in the course

Defending Champion chess course contents

  • How to defend in the opening?
  • Stop losing material
  • How to evaluate a position?
  • Simplification in chess
  • Economic defense
  • How to consolidate and save a lost position?
  • Active defense and counterattack
  • A fortress
  • Psychology of defense
  • Dealing with gambits
  • Three main methods
  • Eliminating errors


The course also contains powerful practical tasks: it is necessary to put the received knowledge into practice. There are nine practical tasks (over 100 games) in this course, which will help you to understand and remember the ideas presented in the course better. The training program has a detailed explanation of WHAT and HOW exactly you should perform the practical tasks.

Defending Champion chess course<<Grab the course now>>


P.S. We’re also celebrating this holiday season – if you would like to study other RCA courses, this is the perfect time: you can get a huge 30% discount on all our courses till 31st Dec. Simply use coupon “holidays30”. Find more details here.
Comments: 7

Comments 7

  1. Guys, for those who’ve bought the course already – please, write your first impressions. It will be very interesting for me, as well as for all the other students, to hear your feedback. Thanks!

  2. thanks dear igor sir for this great course tomorrow i saw the fide world championship rapid and i amazed that how world top players like magnus crumbles under pressure they uses the same technique that you represent in your courses their games are based on nervousing their opponents and to win .otb.thanks for this screts knowledge.

    1. It’s great that you can notice how general principles from the RCA courses work in the games of top GMs. This means you digested these ideas well.

      Congrats with this & thanks for your feedback!

      1. thanks dear igor sir .you are great teacher.dear sir i have recently contacted Gm arthur kogan of olalchess academy what do you think about him??second in you tube there are im john bartholomew and im david pruess who are fantastic teeacher.please collaborate with them.they are great.

      2. dear sir what are your views about im david preuss ??he is great chess teacher i talked to him on he is giving private lessons in 80 $per hour??

        1. I heard some of IM David Preuss lectures they were interesting. I am sorry I don’t much about his private coaching.

          Prasaadh | Support

          1. okk sir thankyou very much i find its very interesting to see david lectures i learnt a lot of things in just very few days thanks for your time what do you think about im vishal sareen of india ??

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