Release of “Double Fianchetto System” Chess Course

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Today our new course “Double Fianchetto System” is released, in which the author GM Sipke Ernst will teach you the Double Fianchetto System for White where you simply fianchetto both bishops and then follow the blueprints of guys like Vladimir Kramnik to crush your opponents, without learning a single complicated theoretical line!

Double Fianchetto System

The Power of Double Fianchetto System

The highly flexible “double fianchetto system” has almost ZERO theory and allows you to easily learn the PLANS of elite GMs to gain an easy advantage, and use them in your own games. You will learn:

  • Kramnik’s Kingside Attack Blueprint: You’ll learn how Kramnik turned a kingside pawn storm into a devastating attack without any risk whatsoever!
  • How Aronian’s Double Fianchetto Method Stopped MVL COLD! Discover the plan the Armenian maestro used to dominate the opening, win an exchange in just a few moves, and then convert the advantage like a champion!
  • How to Beat Carlsen with the Double Fianchetto! At a point when Magnus looked unstoppable, this much lower-rated GM used our opening and easily gained an advantage before sacrificing his queen and upsetting the world champion. His entire strategy is explained in perfect detail in the course!

Special Offers

To celebrate the successful launch of this course, we’re providing you with a flat 50% OFF. Use the coupon “dfs50”, and you will save about a huge $65 USD. This is a limited-period offer and will be valid only till Sunday, 20 December (inclusive). If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here.

You can also add to a solid system, the best guide of opening traps. If you buy “Double Fianchetto System” and “Opening Traps” together before 20 December, you can get both courses for the price of one!

Double Fianchetto System

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Note: This course was created by our partner ‘The Chess World’. We only choose what’s best for your improvement.

Additionally, we’ve published the tenth chapter from this course, where GM Sipke Ernst explains how Richard Rapport defeated the world champion Magnus Carlsen at the Tata Steel Masters (2017) using the double fianchetto system. Watch the video lesson below:

Comments: 2

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