Release of “Master the Grunfeld defense as Black”

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Our new course “Master the Grunfeld defense as Black” is released today! The Grunfeld defense is one of the most aggressive openings for Black against White’s 1.d4.

Why Grunfeld defense?

A strong opening repertoire is a MUST if one wants to become a good player. This course can help you create a solid repertoire easily. The Grunfeld defense is a very aggressive opening, so it gives you the opportunity to play for win even with Black. The similarity between the different lines in the opening makes it easier for you to start implementing this new opening system in your games.

In fact, this course was prepared in collaboration with a former Junior World Champion GM Alex Ipatov, who is an expert in the Grunfeld defense, showing his favourite lines. Therefore, this course will be suitable for players of ALL strength.

Opening lines covered in the course

  • Classical line – sub lines
    •  The line 7.Be3
      • The line 7.Bc4
        • Kramnik’s pet line – Rc1
          •  Kramnik’s line – Rb1
            •  Nf3 c5 – 12…b6
              •  Nf3 c5 – 12…Bg4
                •  Semisch 3.f3
                  •  The Russian System
                    •  Bg5 variation
                      • Neo-Grunfeld Defense

                        You can get this course with a huge 20% discount, saving about $20 USD. You can use the coupon “gru20” when making the purchase. If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here. This is a limited-period offer: it will be valid from today till Sunday, 9 Apr. (inclusive).

                        Master the Grunfeld defense <<Grab the offer now>>

                        We’re also providing you with the special opening package. You can get: “GM’s Opening Lab – 1” + “GM’s Opening Lab – 2” + “Master the Grunfeld defense as Black” for just $187 USD – however, the total price of these three courses is $240 USD. So you save a massive $53 USD – which means, you actually get “GM’s Opening Lab – 1” for FREE! 🙂

                        You can also use the coupon “gru20” on this package and make a further save of about $20 USD (i.e. the discount on “Master the Grunfeld defense as Black”)

                        Chess Opening Master <<Get the package now>>


                        P.S. Let me remind you that you can study the course on ANY device (even on non-windows device). You can watch the tutorial video in the FAQ here.

                        Comments: 11

                        Comments 11

                          1. Hi Claudio,
                            Yes, there are theory pgn file for all the important lines and practical exercises with lot of master games as well.

                            Prasaadh | Support

                        1. I tried to get the”Gruenfeld” and I paid for it.
                          My payment was confirmed, but I couldn ‘t download the software to my iPad Pro though RCA even wrote it can run on every system !! – in my case ios 10.3.
                          Because there is no address given where to download from my PC.
                          That means I spent about 75 Dollars but didn’t get anything.
                          Wonderful service!

                          1. Hello Wolfgang,
                            I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

                            You may check your e-mail (including spam folder) – the download link is delivered there automatically after your payment.

                            In any case our support team will get back to you shortly (within 24 hours for sure but we make our best to reply faster).

                            1. Hello Igor,

                              There isn’t any download link in any folderof my email account!!

                              With kind regards
                              Wolfgang Weiler

                              1. Hello Igor,

                                there wasn’t and isn’t any download link sent to any folder of my account!
                                Please send new link to my email address.

                                With kind regards
                                Wolfgang Weiler

                                1. Thanks for purchasing the product.
                                  Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
                                  I have sent the download link for the course to your e-mail. Please check it.
                                  You can contact us at [email protected] if you need any assistance.

                                  Prasaadh | Support Officer

                                2. Thanks for sending the download link. But it doesn’t work on my iPad Pro (ios 10.3) and my Windows PC.
                                  With all your earlier published programms I had no diffculties.
                                  But this one is a mess which costed me hours without success.

                                  Wolfgang Weiler

                                3. Hi Wolfgang,
                                  I have sent an e-mail regarding this issue. I will help you solve this problem.
                                  Kindly continue this conversation via e-mail so I can personally help you.

                                  Prasaadh | Support Officer

                            2. dear igor i just have recently purchased a dvd of british grandmaster gm tiger persson hillarpson it was just awesome dvd and i am studying them and that gm is great player excuted lot of powerful ideas.what do you think about him??and recent grischuk interview chess is just a game??

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