Release of RCA Chess Course “How to Beat Stronger Opponents”


At a certain stage of your chess development, you are faced with the question “How to beat a stronger opponent?” Often we can only make a draw (as the best result) against a stronger opponent.

The wait is over – the course “How to Beat Stronger Opponents” (an upgraded version of RCA’s old course “How to Beat Titled Players”) is released today! 🙂
how to beat stronger opponents

What’s New in this Upgrade?

The following has been included in the upgraded version:

1) Brand new lessons from myself (Igor) with a total duration of more than 60 minutes.
2) 50 new analyzed positions for the practical part which will help YOU better understand the concept and video lessons. These games are separated into 3 different categories.
3) A new e-book with all the video lessons in text format.
4) The PGN files with all the games analyzed in the video lessons.

Special Offers

To celebrate the launch of this course, I’m going to provide you with some nice offers.

First, you can get the course with a massive 20% discount and save about $12 USD. Simply use the coupon “beat20” when making the purchase. If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here.  It’s a limited-period offer – the coupon will be valid from today till Thursday, 8 February.
how to beat stronger opponents

<< Beat Strong Players now! >>

Have you already studied the RCA course “How to Beat Titled Players”? Awesome! You can get this upgraded version for FREE! 🙂 Please, contact our support department, by sending an email to [email protected], providing the email address you used to purchase “How to Beat Titled Players” and ask for the upgraded version.

You can also combine my winning techniques with my best guide to master your calculation and visualization skills while saving $49 USD – you can get the combo “How to Beat Stronger Opponents” and “Calculate Till Mate” for $159, instead of the actual combined price $208.
how to beat stronger opponents and calculate till mate

<< Grab the combo offer >>

You can find the option to purchase the combo in the link given above.

Once again, let me emphasize that the course is NOT only for titled players, but for everyone, except for the World Champion, as we all have stronger opponents. 🙂 Also, ATTACK is one of the weapons to beat stronger opponents, but definitely not the only weapon. In the course “How to Beat Stronger Opponents”, I’ve explained thoroughly all of these weapons.

P.S. After your study of the course, please share your feedback in the comments below. We would really love to hear from you about the upgraded version. Thanks in advance!


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