Release of the RCA Course “Mastering Piece Coordination and Planning”

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In chess, it is important to place your pieces in active squares, to coordinate them together and to find an active plan. It’s time to make the best of your army of chess pieces beat your opponents – the new RCA chess course “Mastering Piece Coordination and Planning” is released today!
mastering piece coordination and planningThis course is about the chess pieces. In this new course, you’ll learn how to play effectively with your pieces. After the study of this course, you’ll be able to find good squares for your pieces, the weaknesses of your opponents, understand better the game stages and find the correct area of the board to attack and develop your initiative.

Chapters Covered in the Course

  • Advanced Pieces
  • Focus on Advanced Squares and Pieces
  • Center and Coordination
  • The Opponent’s Pieces
  • Space and Activity
  • Pieces Weaknesses
  • Game Stages
  • Exchanges
  • Maneuvers
  • Power Play
  • Practical Part

Study the Course Online – RCA New Shop!!

I’m very happy to inform you that this new course “Mastering Piece Coordination and Planning” is released in RCA New Shop – what’s so ‘New’ about that? Well, now you can study the course both online and also download it to your computer. If you cannot download the course because of storage or any other reasons, don’t worry, because now you can simply study the course online! You can find more about this and how to purchase in the new shop by going through this simple FAQ.

Special Offers

To celebrate this successful launch of the course on the New Shop, I’d like to provide you with some really cool offers. First, you can get the course with a flat 50% discount; yes, you read that one right! Simply use the coupon “piece50”; it will save you about a huge $40 USD. If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here. This coupon will be valid from today till Saturday, 20 April.

Also, you can save a massive $59 USD and bring your defensive skills to a new level with the course “Defending Champion” If you buy this course together with the new course on or before Saturday, 20 April with our discount coupon “piece50”, you’ll save more than $80 USD!
mastering piece coordination and planning

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Comments: 5

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