Release of “Mastering the Middlegame in Kasparov’s Style”


Garry Kasparov is one of the best players in the world, or probably the best. He dominated in chess for many years, as world chess champion and in the top tournaments. It is important for every chess player to learn from the games of such an elite player to take their chess skill to next level.

Say no more, the course “Mastering the Middlegame in Kasparov’s Style” by IM Asaf Givon is released today! 🙂 In this course, we tried to analyze his middlegame techniques and explain them with simple words to ambitious students, so anyone can incorporate those ideas in his/her own games. More specifically you’ll learn how to fight for the initiative, what the exchange sacrifice is and when to make it, how to sacrifice your pawns successfully and many more.
Mastering the Middlegame in Kasparov's Style

Key Topics Covered in the Course

1) Who is Garry Kasparov?
2) Endless Fight for the Initiative
3) Exchange Sacrifice
4) Studying Previous Champion’s Games
5) Universal Approach for Chess: Prophylaxis and Restriction
6) Pawn Sacrifice
7) Pawn Sacrifice – Part 2
8) Know Your Style and Be True to It/Adjust to It
9) Active Defense and Counterplay

Special Offers

In honour of Garry Kasparov and to celebrate the launch of this course, I’m providing you with some really nice offers! 🙂

First, you can get this course with a massive 30% discount and save about $24 USD. Simply use the coupon “middle30” when purchasing the course. If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here. This is a limited-period offer and will be valid from today till Friday, 6 April (inclusive) only.

Second, you can save a whopping $49 USD and combine Kasparov’s winning techniques with my most complete Middlegame guide. Yes, you can purchase the combo “Mastering the Middlegame in Kasparov’s Style “ and “Winning the Middlegame”. Also, the coupon “middle30” can be applied to the combo as well – so you make a total save of about $73 USD, that’s massive!
Mastering the Middlegame in Kasparov's Style

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I’d like to remind you that the course is not about Kasparov’s life, but about his (successful) game techniques and how any student can apply them to his game.

Test your skills

The course will also have an interactive practical part –“Test your skills” section, where you will be asked to find the best moves from Kasparov’s games, and the answers will be explained in video format. There are 7 practical tasks (over 50 games) in this course which will help you understand and remember the ideas of the course better. The training program has a detailed explanation on what and exactly how you should do the practical tasks.

P.S. After your study of the course, please share your valuable feedback in the comments below. We would really love to hear from you. Thanks in advance! 🙂


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