Release of “Mikhail Tal’s Magic Revealed”

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Today our new course “Mikhail Tal’s Magic Revealed”, authored by myself, GM Igor Smirnov, and the RCA guest coach, Mato Jelic, is released. The only way to win a game of chess is to attack. And if you want to learn from the best, then definitely you need to master the art of attack using the games of Mikhail Tal, who was the 8th World Chess Champion and the greatest attacking player of all times.

In this course, you will not only learn exactly how you can follow the same techniques to develop crushing attacks in your own games, but also you’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular style of Tal’s games. Unlike modern professionals who are very cautious and, often times, end their games in a draw, Mikhail Tal never hesitated to complicate the position, take on the challenge, play risky moves and make it as spectacular as you can only hope for.

You can also access the course online. After purchasing the course, you will be contacted a few days by our Support Team at the email used for purchase.

Special Offers

In honor of the release of the course and as a tribute to the Magician from Riga, we are providing you with some massive offers for the course. Get a massive 40% discount (save around 31.6 USD). Use the coupon “tal40” (check how to use a coupon here). The coupon is valid from today till Monday, 7 January.

Also, if you buy this course on or before 7 Jan, then you can get our course about another great grandmaster “Journey of a World Champion: Magnus Carlsen” completely FREE! If you have already studied that course, then you can contact our support department to get a voucher worth the course value (49 USD) to purchase any other course of your choice.
Mikhail Tal's Magic Revealed

Grab the offers now

Complement the teachings of a world champion with our most complete guide to reach the positional understanding of a Grand Master. Get “Mikhail’s Tal Magic revealed” + “The GM Positional Understanding” for 179 USD (instead of 218 USD). Additionally, the 40% discount “tal40” on “Mikhail’s Tal Magic revealed” (save 31.6 USD) will also apply. Therefore, if you purchase both courses with the discount before January 8th, you’ll save a massive 71 USD!

Mikhail Tal's Magic Revealed

Grab the offers now

Comments: 5

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