Release of my new book – Champion Psychology

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NOW is the FINAL reminder for you to sign up for the upcoming webinar, “Press your opponents like Carlsen”, which I’ll conduct on Saturday 28 February at 3 P.M. GMT (check timings here: LINK). You can find more details about the webinar here: LINK


Today is a great day – hurray, my new book, Champion Psychology – a book for future chess champions, has been released for you! 🙂


Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who has sent me their questions about this topic – they are the main reason for this book! Also, thank you for your patience over the release of this book.

Let me remind you about the special offers that I’ve provided for you:

  • The first 100 buyers will get a FREE attendance (and also a recording) at my webinar “Press your opponents like Carlsen“.
  • Remaining buyers until 27 Feb. will receive the recording of my webinar “Press your opponents like Carlsen“.
  • Moreover, there will be a 25% discount on the book – and the discount code is champ25
NOTE: We’ll contact you at your e-mail address (used for the purchase) to send you the FREE invitation (or recording).

As I said, our subscribers were informed about the discount coupon in advance. Therefore, the countdown to the first 100 buyers has already started. Taking into account around 20,000 of our subscribers, 100 seem to be a very small number, right? 🙂 Then, hurry up and get the book now if you want my webinar recording for FREE!


<<Get the book now>>

Note: the discount code champ25 is valid from 25 Feb. to 1 Mar. inclusive only. If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here: LINK

Also, you can watch the video explaining the offers below:

[youtube_sc url=””]

If you don’t know how place an order, please see here: LINK

Moreover, we’re publishing the book in e-book format only and not in paper as of now. Therefore, if you would like the book in printed version, then feel free to write your comments below or by contacting us here: LINK


Also, you would not need to pay the full price again for the paper version (if we print it) but just the additional cost that this would require. In any case, we’ll be very happy to know your thoughts. So don’t forget to let us know your needs by contacting us (LINK).



  • Webinar – Press your opponents like Carlsen: LINK
  • Get the book Champion Psychology: LINK
  • Special offers for the new book: LINK
  • How to use a discount code: LINK
  • How to place an order: LINK
P.S. After studying the book, please take a moment to share your feedback with us by commenting below or by contacting us (LINK). Other people are very eager to see this feedback.
Comments: 602

Comments 34

  1. Hello,
    I purchased the new book with the special offer (book + webinar video “My thinking system”). The problem is that the link to the webinar video is wrong and I can not download the video. Also I have not receive the email with the instructions to download the book. Please help me.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Marian,
      Dis you ever get this sorted out? I am in the same boat as you but I have never received the email yet. All I got was a reply email from support thanking me for buying the book. I am getting very disappointed with this new low level service from GM Smirnov. 🙁

  2. “Great practical and effective advices from a chess coach”
    Just purchased the book and completed in one go in five hours (the language is pretty simple and book is very interesting like a novel) and I can say that it is a great collection of the most effective and practical advises by a chess coach. In fact, the advises are not only applicable for achieving greater heights in chess but to reach the top in any part of life, In a lighter vein, one comment I would like to make that though “marriage” may mean -100 elo rating loss for some chess players but it provides a big boost to a person’s writing skills as is evident from this book. I really loved the idea of avoiding chicken moves to win games against titled players.

  3. Hi, I am only writing here because I’m getting no reply from support. Please check my order! Still no email with links and it’s not in the SPAM folder. Thanks.

  4. Dear Igor smirnov your free lessons Champion Psychology from the Martial Arts helped me to form different attitude when playing chess game it helped me more importent ideas like use chess as a training tool,don’t compete with others, but with yourself,the the words influenced me a lot after reading the artical few time times i relized not to to focus on results,rating,place etc i strongly believe the your book will change my attitude even more. once again if i did not meet u i did not get better at chess. You answered the question that my coaches did not answered you showed me how to train in the right way your teaching changed my way of thinking. I like the thing the helping attitude to help the people.

    1. Hi Raj,
      Thank you for purchasing our book.
      I hope you enjoy and learn from it.
      If you are under first hundred purchases you will get the entry to the webinar “Press your opponents like Carlsen” By Igor Smirnov.
      Please note that regardless of whether you are in top 100 or not since you purchased it before Feb 27th, you will get the recording of the webinar for FREE after it is over.

      Prasaadh / Student Support Officer

  5. Hello Colm,
    Thank you for purchasing our book.
    I have replied to your e-mail.
    Hope you get the maximum benefit from it.
    If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]

    Prasaadh / Student Support Officer.

  6. Hi JP Singh,
    Thank you for your nice feedback.
    Your honest feedback help us contribute more.

    Prasaadh / Student Support Officer

  7. Thanks for your nice words and extensive feedback! I’m glad to know you enjoyed the book.

    Btw, you are a shrewd person! The students have been sending me psychological questions for a long time already. Perhaps, in some way my marriage has inspired me to write a book now 🙂

  8. Congrats to GM Smirnov, Just skimming through the book from cover to cover brings me joy and chess inspiration. But there’s nothing more to have the book in print that you can read and bring into the tournament hall. I strongly request to please publish the printed copy (special edition) of the book for everyone who purchased the ebook.
    And kindly add the best chess quotes related to the topic as selected by the author as supplemental material. The useful links/resources should focus on other sites and references to get a deeper understanding of psychology and chess as well outside RCA resources.

  9. Hi Prasaadh, I got your email, thank you. I still didn’t get an email with a link to the video (or to the book, even though I got it from the Paypal site). It was on offer for €10 euros at the time of purchase.

  10. Hi,
    I am sorry to bring this up in the comments but I have to say that I purchased Igor’s new book on the night that it was released. When I completed the purchase there were two links but none of the downloaded files worked. the epub files would not open and the PDF was only 5 pages(3 were blank) I contacted support and they sent me the same links with the same results the downloaded files don”t work. I have left two messages for support since then with no further response.

    I really want to read Igor’s book and I have paid for it. Please help.

    Thank you.

  11. Hello,
    Thank you for purchasing our book..
    I have provided the necessary working links to your personal e-mail id.
    If you still have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

    Prasaadh / Student Support Officer

  12. After I bought the book, I had some difficulties with the download links, but the technical team has done a good job and shortly after I reported the problem I received an email with the correct links.
    About the book, is just awesome. Mr. Smirnov is showing us why he is one of the best chess teachers. He is willing to show us the psychological part of the chess, wich is so important in a chess game. My congratulations to the author for having successfully accomplished this difficult work. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Marian!

      This is a somewhat new format for me (compared to the courses I’ve been developing in the past). Hence, I’m eager to know your opinion about it.

      I’m very glad you enjoyed the book, and thanks for your nice words!

  13. I wanted to ask if this book will be available in paperback format as I would love to have a copy I can have to go back to.

  14. Hi Ryan,

    Now I’m collecting the students’ feedback regarding this issue. If there are many people who wish to have the book in paper format – we’ll definitely provide it.

    It’s indeed very important to review the book periodically, until those ideas become natural and habitual to you.

    P.S. If other students want the book in paperback – please, write it here in comments. Thanks!

  15. Dear Igor,
    In your excellent book “Champion Psychology” , page 59, you wrote:
    “Easy wins against weaker opponents can please your ego. But ego is nothing – it’s a mirage;”

    Would you be so kind to expand on this concept of the ego being nothing or a mirage?
    This struck me as a deep concept.
    Thanks in advance!
    Best Regards,

  16. I’m glad you enjoyed the book!

    ‘Ego’ is a bit ambiguous concept, different authors described it differently. I don’t want to dive into details here, and will try to keep it simple.
    If we take all the beliefs of what we are – beliefs about our personality, talents, and abilities – we have the structure of our ego. Since we are talking about ‘beliefs’, it’s not something that exists in reality, you create them in your head. Our beliefs may misrepresent the reality, and it happens often: people tend to excuse and embellish themselves.

    Obviously we are not computers, and we can’t be totally objective. But at least we may try. Keeping in mind that our ego is only a mirage would help. Hopefully I didn’t baffle you entirely 🙂

    Could you write your impressions about the book “Champion Psychology”? It’s always interesting for me to get students’ feedback. Thank you!

  17. Dear Igor,
    Thanks for this clarification about what you meant on that passage, it is very clear now.

    My impressions about the book?
    Just the very first quote, before the introduction, made me think a lot:
    “The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think”

    In “Champion Psychology” you can find all the instruction you need to really enjoy the game of chess and life in general.
    To put it into practice is up to the individual, and it is just a matter of 1) understanding, then 2) training.
    Almost any psychological aspect can be changed by training, if we really want to (most people don’t, or they are too lazy).
    Be sure you study the book fully and slowly, and think independently about its contents (to convince yourself).
    Then changes begin…

    Hope this helps!

    1. Hello DD,
      Igor has a busy schedule.
      But thank you for the feedback.
      We have made note of your impressions about the book.

      Student Support Officer

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