Release of RCA chess course “Practical Endgames”

Today our new course “Practical Endgames – play endgame like a titled player” is released! In this course, IM Asaf Givon will teach you how to study and understand endgames easily with practical examples.

Is this course right for you?

This course is right for you if you:
practical endgames
–> have troubles finding the best move in endgames
–> find the endgame study materials boring or difficult
–> don’t know what, how and how much to study in an endgame
–> want simple and practical methods to learn endgame properly

Interactive practical part

–> The course is enhanced, and an interactive practical part has been added. The author tests your skills right after the theoretical videos in a separate category “Test your skills”.
–> Also, you can easily find the games (used in the video lessons) in PGN format right next to the videos. I bet you will love this new feature.

Special offers

We’re providing you with a really massive 35% discount on the course to celebrate its successful launch! You can save about $20 USD. Simply use the coupon “endgame35” when making the purchase. If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here. This is a limited-period offer and will be valid only till Sunday, 29 October.
practical endgames chess course

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Master the Endgame

Additionally, we also provide you with a nice combo offer. If you haven’t studied my course “An Endgame Expert”, you can get both these courses, save a massive $28 USD and get a combined practical and theoretical knowledge! 🙂

And good news – you can use the coupon “endgame35” for this combo as well and get an additional 35% discount ONLY on the course “Practical Endgames”!
practical endgames combo

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Important note: You can study the course on ANY device (even on the non-windows device). We’re providing you with the course in e-book format (PDF) and you can study the video lessons separately as well. You can watch the tutorial video in the FAQ here.

  • Anup rajawat

    What sequence you suggest to study 1) expert course or this one

    • You may start from either one as they cover different topics. If you have both of them, you may start from “An Endgame Expert” course.

      • Pankaj Bhandari

        Chess kan variation

  • Anup rajawat

    I think you have to form one course on endgame which include all theoretical endgame ( Queen ,Rook,bishop,pawn etc ) which will complete endgame task I hope you will look into this I will love it if you ( Igor Smirnov ) will make course on this subject because you are the best teacher . I am very blessed that come to know about your courses.I purchases each and every course of yours

    • Hi Anup,
      Thanks for your high evaluation of RCA courses!

      I noted down your suggestion, and will consider it while planning future courses.

      • Pankaj Bhandari

        Igor sir I want u some advice about kan variation . Plz help me

        • Hi Pankaj,

          If it’s a short and specific question – shoot it out right here, I will be glad to help.
          In general, Kan variation is presented in details in the course “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory”:

  • male Gupta

    thxxx forthe amazing informaiton sir this course will be great in future lot of buyers will buy this one course and will be beniffitteed a lot thannks fro your hard work.sir i have played neraly 100 games in with a winning percentage of 85 with strong players .and weak players also.

    • Anup rajawat

      What is your rating ?

      • male Gupta

        2318 online

    • Hi there,
      This is a great result, congratulations for your awecome progress!

      • male Gupta

        thxx alot sir .

  • male Gupta

    what do you think about my progress??

  • Anup rajawat

    Hello ,can you please tel what are the black best plans against white in Scandinavian (G3) variation what are the things white should remember I am learning this opening right now from your course

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