Release of “The Secrets of Strong Players”

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Today our new course “The Secrets of Strong Players” is released! As I said earlier, I am the author of this course. By studying this course, you will learn the 9 main differences between players at the beginner and advanced levels. And as you may have known from watching the teaser video of the course, there is so much more you can learn from this course.

About the Course

The course covers the following topics:

  • Secret #1: Which Plan to Choose When There’s no Attack?
  • Secret #2: How to Find the Right Moves all the Time?
  • Secret #3: The Most Common Mistake of Amateur Players
  • Secret #4: Understanding the Games of Top Grandmasters
  • Secret #5: When You Should Start Attacking (and When It’s Premature)
  • Secret #6: How to Avoid Blunders?
  • Secret #7: Planning in a Middlegame (Most Players’ Pain Point)
  • Secret #8: How the Favorite Idea of Amateurs Is Just Wrong
  • Lesson-9: Step-by-Step Guide for a Practical Game

Special Offers

To celebrate the successful launch of this course, we’re providing you with some really cool offers. They are valid from today until Sunday, 18 August (inclusive).

Offer #1: You can get the course with a huge 30% discount and save about $30 USD. All you have to do is use the coupon “secrets30” when purchasing the course. If you don’t know how to do it, you may check this FAQ.

Offer #2: Combining great secrets with great tactics, calculation and visualization skills is a deadly combination. 😊  Add my course “Calculate Till Mate” and get both for just $199 USD, saving a massive $49 USD. Using the above-mentioned coupon, if you buy the combo on or before 18 August, you’ll save an additional $30 USD, saving almost a really massive $80 USD!
The Secrets of Strong Players

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Comments: 11

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  1. How Igor Smirnov , I will Suggest you to make course on Theoretical Endgames.You have already covered each aspect of Chess . I have many endgames books but alll very boring and hard to remember . I know if you will make course on this subject I will master the endings .

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