Release of “Thought Process Errors” Chess Course

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Today the RCA’s new chess course “Thought Process Errors” by Dan Heisman (favourite guest coach for most of you) is released. There’s plenty of material out there on openings and strategy, on middlegames and endings, and the list goes on, but when it comes to learning how to improve your thought process there’s little out there.

What is Thought Process in Chess?

It’s related to thinking, of course, but there is a difference between thinking and thought process. In a sense, we can break “chess thinking” into three different types, each representing a different class where you may make errors. Let’s put process in class one, knowledge in area two, and analysis in class three. The latter usually occurs at a higher level, but it’s useful to know how errors during analysis can happen. There is also a grey area, which we can call “visualization errors”; that is when you are looking at a position, analyzing it, but you can’t clearly see it in your mind.
thought process errors in chessIn this course, Dan Heisman examines the most common thought process errors of class players. Each video highlights a common error with discussion and examples. Typical errors include quiescence errors, visualization problems, focusing too much on one candidate, moving too quickly or slowly – just because it is forced, not considering all the things a move does, not taking into account the state of the game–, hand-waving, and hope chess. This course is aimed at club players, who want to achieve a better understanding of the thought processes that are fundamental to improve their game.

The course belongs to our partner, Internet Chess Club (ICC), but we’ve brought it here because in our recent surveys most of you had requested a course from this man. And we always try to give you what you asked for! 😊

Special Offer

To celebrate the successful launch of this course in the RCA’s new shop, I’m providing you with a massive 50% discount on the course – yes, flat off! All you have to do is use the coupon “thought50” – it is a limited period offer, and will be valid only till Friday, 21 June. If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here.
thought process errors chess course

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Also, if you haven’t watched our previous video lesson related to this topic, you can watch it here – Don’t Give Up too Early in Chess!! Finally, after studying the course, please do let us know your feedback in the comments below. Good luck! 😊

Comments: 21

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